7 Alternative Playstation 4 controllers [SUPER UPDATE]

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Finding the best custom PS4 controllers is never easy.
Sure, you can get the regular ones, but the reality is that sometimes they may not work that great. If you want a good game controller or PS4 controller on PC but which also works on your PS4, you just have to study the market.


There are many cheap PS4 controller options out there and you will enjoy those quite a bit. The experience is rather great if you use them.

You have 2 licensed pro controllers named the Nacon Evolution and the Razer controller named Razer Raiju.
They are designed specifically for e-sports and you get a great layout, nice features and plenty of value that you will appreciate quite a lot for sure.

1.Razer Raiju

Razer Raiju
Raiju is maybe the best one of the custom PS4 controllers and it does bring in the Razer quality into the mix.
They did a very good job at improving the experience and they do bring in front a good alternative. You never have to worry about getting a keyboard and mouse for PS4, this just takes the experience to a new level entirely.


What you get extra when compared to the regular PS4 controller includes:

  • 4 programmable buttons
  • 2 extra bumpers and 2 triggers that you can detach
  • Complete compatibility with PS4 systems
  • 3 meter USB cable
  • Analog stick rubber caps that can be detached and which give an extra grip
  • 3.5 mm headset jack, mic mute controls and a dedicated headset volume
  • Trigger stop switches for fast trigger responses
  • Two custom profiles you can modify on the spot
  • Dedicated control panel found on the controller



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2.Nacon Revolution

Nacon Revolution

The Nacon experience is very impressive and it’s designed mostly for professional players.

What do you get for around $122? Let’s see!


  • 46 degree amplitude dual analogue sticks. They also added a great firmware in order to boost accuracy
  • Directional pad with 8 ways.
  • 3-meter long USB cable
  • Two compartments where you can add weights
  • Complete compatibility with the PS4 system.
  • Four custom profiles that allow you to change trigger sensitivity, shortcut controls, remap buttons and you can even assign macros.
  • 4 extra buttons.


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Just because these are the best custom PS4 controllers that can give the DualShock 4 a run for its money, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the only ones.

You can actually get a very good value with other cheap PS4 controller options and PS4 accessories, so you may want to check them out as well!

3.Horipad FPS Plus

Horipad FPS Plus

This is one of the first cheap PS4 controller options that have a clickable touchpad.


This Hori PS4 controller is designed to bring you around 3 sensibility levels and it also has trigger buttons, D-pad as well as a turbo features and 3 sensitivity levels. The overall experience is great and easy to follow, with results being rather impressive.


You can use this one for both PS3 and PS4.


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Her is the review for the Horipad FPS Pro from Ministry Of Gamers


4.Hori Tac Pro

Hori Tac Pro

With the Tac Pro you get a focus on the shooter games and you get features like an official license from Sony and it will deliver great experience since it brings you an LED gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard.


Then you also have other features like ergonomy, snipe buttons, ADS lock, quick button and a snipe button as well. You get adjustable sensitivity and key settings without a problem, so using this is rather distinct and very easy to do.


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Check this video for the detail and review


5.Hori Fighting Commander

Hori Fighting Commander

When you get this Amazon PS4 controller you will see that it can be a great PS4 Controller on PC.


It has mostly a purpose for the fighting games, the 2D as well as 3D ones. You get a 6-button layout and you also receive a wired experience.


The R/L toggle switches are great and the turbo functions are second to none. That’s what makes the experience so immersive, which means that you should check this out!


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6.Hori fighting stick mini 4

Hori fighting stick mini 4


This particular product is licensed by the SCEA and it works great with both the PS3 and the PS4.


The attention to detail is rather impressive and you will be very impressed with the overall quality as well.


They do a very good job at making the experience enticing and impressive. There is a share button here and they also added a micro switch activated joystick. You also have an 8-button layout as well as a compact design.


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Review and unbox from PremierReviewer


7.PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita

The PS4 has some really good games, but if you don’t have a second controller you will be unable to play in coop. You don’t have to get the Hori tactical assault commander or any other PS4 controller for PC, instead you are set if you have a PS Vita.


The Vita option works great and you can use the Vita as your own controller as long as you are logged in under the same PSN account. You need to connect the Vita to the PS4, enable remote play and you are good to go.


There are no limits in regards to what you can play here.


The experience is very fun and exciting here, it actually brings in a lot of fun and you will be rather impressed with everything that it has to offer. You will need to get used to the control scheme which needs you to use the rear touchpad as the L and R buttons. Aside from that though, the experience is distinct and a whole lot of fun.

If you want a good set of custom PS4 controllers or if you just need a good, new and cheap PS4 controller, these are some amazing options.
You should consider checking them out as they are amazing options that will deliver you the type of experience and gameplay that you can expect.


It’s certainly going to impress you a lot if you start using any of these controllers, so why not give them a try? These are all amazing controllers and some of the best PS4 accessories that you can get at this time!


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Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2

The updated controller features:
• New improved customisation software UI
• USB Type-C wired connection (detachable for easy storage)
• Fully customisable left and right sticks (dead zone and response curve)
• Possibility to set the directional pad with 4 or 8 directions – Perfect for all kinds of games!
• Instant manual configuration of M1/M2/M3/M4 shortcuts on PS4™ Pro Control mode


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