Cheap PS4 Controller [2017]

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When buying a PlayStation 4 console, it comes with a controller which is the DualShock 4, what if you want to buy a second player controller but you not willing to spend another 60+ USD just for the DualShock 4 because you are not using it very often, mainly it just for your buddy come over to play during the weekends, or maybe your current controller is broken but you cannot afford another one.


Fortunately, there have third-party companies that built alternative PS4 controllers, one of the companies you may hear, is HORI, which not only create PS4 controller but also produce the wide variety of gaming console accessories.


Cheap controllers ≠ Bad experience


HORI not only builds affordable controller, some of its are more advanced than the original controller, like the Hori Tac Pro, focus on the shooter games. Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4 which looks like a good old time arcade machine for playing the fighting game.


I also write a blog about alternative PS4 controllers, it may come in handy if you need a better gaming experience.


Her I would like to introduce you the 2 cheap PS4 controllers, HORI Fighting Commander and HORILicensed Mini Wired Gamepad.


Hori Fighting Commander

Hori Fighting Commander

HORI Fighting Commander is for PlayStation 4 & 3 Officially Licensed by Sony


When you get this Amazon PS4 controller you will see that it can be a great PS4 Controller on PC.


It has mostly a purpose for the fighting games, the 2D as well as 3D ones. You get a 6-button layout and you also receive a wired experience.


The R/L toggle switches are great and the turbo functions are second to none.


It a wired controller for instant response.


That’s what makes the experience so immersive, which means that you should check this out!

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Hori Licensed Mini Wired Gamepad

HORI Licensed Mini Wired Gamepad

It will be released around December 2017.


HORI Licensed Mini Wired Gamepad is 40% smaller than Dualshock4 wireless Controller, it ideal for the young player.


You can also simulate a range of touchpad gestures using both sticks, easy grip with all essential controls and it plug-and-play with 10ft cable.


And most important, it is cheaper. It cost around 29 USD, with 3 colors of choice, black, blue and red.



These are the two alternative PS4 controller which is cheaper than the DualShock 4. So leave a comment below let us know what is your favorite alternative PS4 controller?


You can also read the Alternative PS4 controllers, it talking about 8 type of PS4 controllers to improve your gaming experience.




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