6 Fortnite Aiming Tips

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Video by: Fortnite Master


Video Transcript:

here are six ways to improve your aim presented by Fortnite Master.

in this video we’ll be going over some tips for controlling bloom and hitting shotgun shots in close-quarter combat while explaining aiming techniques like tracking and flicking.

before we delve into things like bloom close quarter combat and aiming techniques.

it’s important to know the two different types of weapon mechanics and Fortnite hit scan and projectile based.

other than snipers and explosives. every weapon in Fortnite uses hitscan mechanics.

hitscan means the bullets don’t have any travel time.

as soon as you click the bullet will immediately hit the target in your crosshair.

regardless of distance so long as the shot is accurate. snipers are a little different.

in the sense that they shoot physical projectiles this means you have to take into account travel time and bullet drop.

check out our sniper guide for specific tips on dealing with these mechanics.


1. Aim before you shoot


the number one mistake every single shooter Newby makes is that they’ve fired before they aim.

all too often you will see players start spraying the second they see someone on their screen and they miss all of their bullets because they lost focus on aming.

force yourself to aim before you shoot.

it sounds cheesy but actively remembering to move your crosshair on top of your target before clicking will go a very long wait in increasing the amount of shots you hit.

now let’s take a look at the blue mechanic which effects weapons like assault rifles SMGs pistols LMGs mini guns and hunting rifles.

Blum causes bullets to fly in a randomly generated spread within your crosshair.

certain weapons like the thermal assault rifle and the scoped assault rifle are unaffected by Blume.

for these two weapons as long as your crosshair is on the enemy when you fire your bullet will hit.


2. Minimize Bloom


the majority of weapons in fortnight have blue which has become one of the most notorious mechanics in the game.

as a result a huge part of aiming better is learning how to control and minimize bloom.

minimizing bloom is all about controlling your crosshair size. the smaller the crosshair the smaller the potential area for bullet spread.

spraying non-stop will increase the size of your crosshair a lot more than a controlled tap firing.

crouching and staying still will noticeably reduce your crosshair size. minimizing bloom the most.

while standing and running will make your crosshair much larger giving your bullets a huge area to randomly spread throughout.


3. Control your rate of fire


first shot accuracy is the go-to option to help counteract bloom.

if you wait for a second when aiming down sights with pistols a ours or LMGs your first shot becomes 100 percent accurate.

the downside is that the 100 percent accuracy only counts for the first shot unless you wait for it to reset.

and waiting for it to reset isn’t always viable if you’re in a fight with enemies.

another great option which is just a step down from first shot accuracy is controlled fire.

this is the middle ground between first shot accuracy and a full-on spray and it’s useful in a lot of situations.

typically controlled fire is the most useful at mid range.

sometimes the best option is just to hold down the trigger and spray to your heart’s content.

if the enemy is close enough the extra damage output of a full spray can be very worth it.


4. Learn how to track


tracking is an aiming technique that refers to keeping your crosshairs on a moving target.

it’s a huge part of aiming with weapons like ARS and SMGs.

being able to accurately track enemies with your crosshairs will drastically increase the amount of shots you hit.

when tracking an opponent really focus on trying to keep your crosshair centered on the enemy at all times.

it’s easy to get distracted by any number of things while fighting. so try to maintain as much focus as possible on crosshair placement.

on PC lowering your sensitivity can help a ton with successfully tracking moving opponents.

a cool way to practice this is in playground with some bouncers in an ADK.


5. Use in-game movement


using your movement to help you aim can be an effective solution for making slight adjustments to aim.

when aiming down sights try strafing to help move your crosshair side-to-side.


6. Learn where to place your crosshair


when you’re running around corners and fighting in close quarters it’s helpful to keep your crosshairs at eye level.

this way if you run into an opponent or hear one coming your way you will be ready to shoot them in the head immediately.

another tip is to line up your crosshair as best as possible when behind cover.

that way when you peek your crosshair is already on them or very close.

hitting close range shot gunshots as a challenge because it can be hard to track your opponent and hit your shots when you’re both running jumping and building.

there are a couple of ways to help aim in close-quarter shotgun battles namely using movement to help aim and working on flick shots.

when jumping through the air it can be awkward adjusting your Aaim vertically so try relying more on your movement and wait until your crosshair drops onto the opponent.

sometimes quick flicks are your only opportunity to hit good players who rarely leave themselves vulnerable to shots.

falling materials provides a great opportunity to practice your flick accuracy and make destroying trees a little more engaging. pick a spot to hold your crosshair and flick to the circle right when your pickaxe is about to hit every time.

if you’re really serious about improving your aim there are games that can help you train in the controlled environment.

aim booster is a great free option that runs out of your browser.

there are more intensive simulators that are available but you’ll have to buy them.

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