7 Alternative Playstation 4 controllers [UPDATE]

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7 Alternative Playstation 4 controllers [UPDATE]
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Gaming devices have developed over the years, and one cannot imagine how much it has changed and developed into devices we use now.

Not only have devices changed but you can customise you’re playing experience to suit your need as much as you can.

By changing or adding some features to your device will change your gaming experience in every way.

These are for when you feel you want to be more actively involved gaming controllers are one of the features that can be changed to enhance your gaming experience.

Finding the correct remote for your device is not an easy task. You need to be sure about what works for you and what layout suits you the best.The most important factor you would need to have a look at is the games you will be playing the most.

Each controller will add to specific games. In deciding on a remote, you need to know what option is available for you to choose from and to what games they add value and how.

There are seven different types of PS4 remotes you can choose from that have been designed to improve the gaming experience.


1. Razor Raiju


Image credit: Razerzone.com

Maybe one of the best-customized remotes on the market for the PlayStation 4 to date.

The Raiju is Razor’s attempt to improve and change the design of the standard remote.

It is an excellent controller for when you need to keep your thumbs on the sticks at all times.


These controllers are designed for e-sports games. When playing these games, the features of this controller is set to come to life and add so much value to playing these games.

To highly appreciate these elements and use them all, you need to play e-sport games. The usefulness of this controller all depends on the type of games you will be using it for.

Some of the features work well on certain games and not on others. The controller is much bigger and heavier than the standard DualShock, which might make it harder to use if you have smaller hands.


Image credit: Eurogamer

The Raiju has some handy features that add to your gameplay experience. Right under the analog sticks, there are four buttons, to switch between profiles and a mute mic buttons.



This is an outstanding feature as now you don’t have to go through the menu to reach these features. You have to custom profiles available on the controller that be modified on the spot.

There are slides on the top of the remote that help you choose the amount of travel you have in the L2 and R2 buttons. The shorter travel improves your ability in shooting games, where you will have the ability to fire more shots much faster.


The longer travel will assist in games like racing games, helping you in having more control over your car. This controller does not come with a wireless option, and this might not work for everyone as the standard controller does have a wireless opportunity.

It does come with a three-meter-long cable, which does make it slightly more convenient.


All the magic happens at the back of the controller. Here you have two extra triggers that you can program as you like.


These triggers can be set to replace any other button and are sure to improve your gameplay a lot. The feel of the controller is much different to that of the standard controller and is much closer to a numerical keyboard.

The buttons make a noise when they are pressed, which is there to ensure that you know when the button is pressed.

This is a negative feature that is easily drained out when using the controller.

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Another great feature is the volume controls of the headset jack. They are very easily accessible, and it has an excellent sound when using it with some slight noise when playing single player games.

Overall the Razor Raiju has set an excellent standard for a general negative connection towards customized controllers. The most import thing when choosing this remote is to ensure that it works with the types of games you are going to be using it for.

This controller might not be the only controller you play with, but it is sure to improve your game playability and convenience in many games.

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2. Nacon Revolution


The Nacon Revolution controller is probably the most streamlined controller on the market at this stage. The design of this controller has been done to cater for the more professional player, and beginner player might struggle to use it or take some time to adapt to it.

The twin sticks are perfect to use in first person shooting games.

The only problem is that you are not able to keep your thumbs on the sticks and hit the D-pad.

The directional pad on this controller can be used in 8 ways, that adds more to the functionality of the directional pad in a big way. This is definitely not a good thing, especially if you are one frag away from going to the top of the leaderboard in your online game.

With all the incredible controllers that have been developed recently, it will be tough for the Nancon Revolution to impress if it has to be compared.

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It does have some features that are good and that improve gameplay experience and ability.

Nancon Revolution has a much different feel to it. It is a much bulkier remote and does not look like the standard controller. It is much closer to the Xbox look and feel.

It makes it much easier to press buttons, purely because of the size. It does take some getting used to having the more significant buttons with event standard buttons like X, Y, circle, and square are more on the bigger side.

A positive in this feature is that buttons have much more travel when using it. On this controller, they have added four custom profiles that can be used to change trigger sensitivity, shortcut control, remap buttons and assign macros.


This controller does have a headphone jack at the bottom of the controller that will come in handy when you play games online.

The negative thing is that you will have to pause your game to enter the menu if you would like to change the volume or mute the sound.

The last thing you want to do is leave the action just to change or adjust volume.

Another negative feature is the fact that there is no button on the controller to switch the console on or off. It means that you will have to get up every time you need to put the console on or off. Not exactly what you want to do on those lazy days when you just want to lay on the couch and not move the entire day.

This controller also does not have a wireless option, but it does have a three-meter-long cable that does make it slightly better.

Looking at this controller, it indeed offers some more features, but it still falls under the Sony brand and will stay very similar to the standard controller.

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3. Horipad FPS plus


With supplying high-quality gaming products, Hori seems to always be one of the best suppliers in the gaming industry.

The Horipad FPS has some nifty features that help in improving your comfortability when playing.

A significant difference you will see immediately is the location of the analog sticks.

They have been put much closer together in the bottom center of the controller; this is very similar to that of the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One controllers.

The position of the analog sticks allows for a much larger amount of movement for the left analog, and also provides for a much looser grip on the controller and this allows for a bigger range of movement for the index finger and thumb.

It has a remap button on the touchpad, allows you to assign any button to have the same function as any other button.

This will assist in when playing you have two buttons that have the same function, allowing you to reach that crucial button so much more comfortable in those crucial games.

A fascinating feature is the turbo button that does just what is said, accelerate play while using this controller.

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One of the most useful and underrated buttons is the “target” button, situated behind the controller on the left-hand side.

This button lowers the sensitivity of the analog sticks. With a lower sensitivity in your analog sticks, you have more control in aiming or movement.

Many games have a high sensitivity rate that requires you to have perfect control to have accurate movement or aiming in the game.

This button allows you to have the needed control in movement and to aim to ensure you have the best experience, it also not wireless, but also has a lengthy cable that assists inconvenience.

The Horipad FPS does not have a battery pack, it makes the controller much lighter but also makes it feel very flimsy when holding it.

Because it does not have a battery pack, it does not have the vibration feature, this is a very important feature for all top gamers and will be a massive let down if this feature is not available.

Another feature you grew used to, is the light bar feature on the controller. This feature adds to the suspense when playing the game when the red light appears intense times during your game.

The lack of this feature means that the feeling of suspense is also taken away to sense.

When looking at the market and what is available, the Horipad FPS might just not live up to exactly what is needed for a customizable remote. Maybe it is just the feel and the lack of some features we have grown used to in controllers.

Although it has some features missing, using this controller, in the beginning, is very simple and easy to follow, which does add to the usefulness of the controller.

You are not to be disappointed when using this controller in those first-person shooter games.

You can now change your name to Mr. Accuracy when using the Hori FPS plus controller.

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4. Hori Tac Pro


When choosing a console controller, you will naturally look at only those type of controllers. But who said you could only play with console controllers?

Hori has brought out a perfect PC controller that can be used on first-person shooter games on PlayStation 4.



The keyboard and mouse are slightly trickier to us but offer so much more precision when playing.

Hori has brought more precision to the console game but has made sure they do not forget about portability.

Nowadays you can plug nearly any keyboard and mouse into a Play Station 4 to either surf the web or chat.

Although you can plug the keyboard and mouse in, not all games support the use of a keyboard and mouse. Hori has all of this covered with the Tac pro.



Movement on this controller can either be done by using the arrow keys or the analog thumbstick on the keypad.

There is a switch at the bottom that is used when switching between the two options.

This keypad has been developing to have features that are similar, and that console user can relate to the standard controller. These features include shoulder buttons, share, and option and touchpad options.

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Some outstanding features are the “quick” button that allows for fast mouse speeds and a “walk” button that slows down the feature that allows your movement like crawling.

Another button is the “snipe” button that assists with aiming more accurately by decreasing sensitivity. You might think about how it can satisfy the function of the analog sticks.

The mouse is used as the analog, by moving it in the direction you want to run in or aim. It also allows you to zoom when aiming at using the mouse.

Setting up the Mac Pro is very easy, as you simply have to plug it in. Using this controller can be tricky, but the adjustment to it is effortless and does not take users very long to adapt.

This will surely feel very strange in the beginning, and playing a console game with a keyboard and mouse, just does not always feel right. This controller will also only be used for first-person shooting games.

This will certainly allow for more accurate shooting and movement. If first-person shooting games are the main games you play, the Hori Tac Pro will undoubtedly improve your game playability, and you will improve, and you are sure to top those online standings.

Not the first controller you will have a look at but admittedly not one you want to overlook at all.

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Check this video for the detail and review



5. Hori fighting commander


Playing with a standard Dual Shock joystick is less beneficial, therefore, may decide to get an arcade stick. Although that offers difficulties for those, who have played with a controller ever since.

Getting used to an arcade stick requires immense patience and determination, and buying the right one for you is even more complicated.

The arcade stick users have advantageous features that standard pads doesn’t include, for example, that all the action buttons are laid flat from left to right, with extra buttons. HORI made a smart decision when developing the fighting commander series.

Hori decided to release their Fighting Commander series for those who enjoy fighting games and yet lack the persistence to play on an arcade stick.



The Fighting Commander 4 is the closest you can get to a controller suitable for fighting games, and it offers relatively the same beneficial advantages as the arcade stick.

The Fighting Commander 4 is a best seller, and it is compatible with PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. It has almost the same layout as a standard Dualshock controller. However, they removed the analog stick since they are considered insignificant for fighting games.

It also comes with an asymmetric design. The grip on the right side of the controller is unusual, since it is wide and narrow, making it comfortable for your knee or other surfaces.

The asymmetric design requires adaptability, but once comprehended it is very comfortable. The joystick contains the normal control buttons and a few extra features, a share button, a turbo button, a slider going from DP, LS, and RS, and on the front side of the joystick, there is a slider that can change the location of the LR buttons.



Uniquely there is a lock/free slider, which gains you access to rotate the D-pad of the joystick for your personal needs.

Lastly, there is a switch on the controller that adjusts the sensitivity of the inputs.

The controller by itself acts like a tiny arcade stick, apparently without the handle.

Fighting Commander 4 has exact and accurate inputs. The buttons are very responsive with great sensitivity that can be adjusted.

You would have thought that it would be troublesome to execute quarter circles and half circles, however, they are effortlessly easy.

For games that require quarter circles and half circles, this controller turns out to be excellent.

For most controllers, it becomes painful for the thumb to execute these moves, but Hori Fighting Commander 4 somehow managed to withdraw that pain and made this motion easier to master.

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The HORI Fighting Commander 4 comes with a few Cons as well.

Firstly it doesn’t come with a headset port since they couldn’t fit that feature.

Secondly, the controller is not wireless; this is due to the latency of the inputs.

Since many games depend on the small fraction of frames, it is, therefore, best to keep it wired. Making the controller wired also ensures you that you don’t have any battery problems or lousy connectivity, so it’s not considered a con. And as we mentioned before, the controller needs adaptability, especially for your right thumb.

Your right thumb is most likely used with 4 buttons, and many miss-clicks can happen during gameplay the first few days.

Finally, we’ll sum everything up in this review.

The HORI Fighting Commander 4 is a quality controller for competitive and casual players.

If you’re the type of guy who just can’t/won’t get used to an arcade stick then sticks’ with the Fighting Commander 4, it is a replacement.

It offers almost the same advantages, and it can efficiently be played on a competitive level.

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6. Hori fighting stick mini 4


Players looking to try out an arcade stick may turn their attention to low-cost “budget” sticks that utilize components of lesser quality than Sanwa Denshi, Seimitsu, or HORI’s more durable offerings.

The HORI Fighting Stick MINI 4 falls into this category, but with the edge of being manufactured by a company that also produces arcade-spec parts for its higher-end products.

The “MINI” in the name is the operative word — this stick’s primary feature is being small. And small it is. It is only just over eight inches wide, and the case is barely over an inch deep.



The face pushbuttons are the usual standard size for full-size pushbuttons.

Even the ball top is slightly smaller than a typical arcade ball top. The result is genuinely MINI; it’s almost cute. There is no turbo, or button reassignment, shame, as that leaves the R3/L3 buttons completely inaccessible.

While in use, the lever and buttons feel pretty good. Not as good as Hayabusa or Sanwa Denshi stuff of course, but the buttons aren’t spongy, they have a quick, short throw and good snap.

The square-gated lever feels almost identical to a Hayabusa or JLF — and even sounds the same — and I found both to be about as responsive in-game as their larger arcade-spec counterparts.

I could play and perform combos in Street Fighter V almost as well as usual; with time and practice, one could adjust to using this.

The issue, when it comes to gameplay, comes back to the unit’s size and weight. It’s tiny, so your hands are closer together; it’s very light, so if you put this on your lap you need to be very controlled and careful with your inputs, or the stick is just going to take off with you.

The base has small, flat rubber feet, so on a tabletop that’s somewhat less of an issue. But if you play with the stick on your lap, which is the most common.

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The size of the buttons themselves will prove a hindrance to some as well. If you have big hands, you’ll find everything here much too close together.

On the other side: if you have small hands, it’s possible that the size of this stick and its lever/buttons may actually suit you more than a full-size fight stick.

So: comfort will vary. Important to note: this is probably not a mod-friendly product; unlike something like the slightly pricier Mad Catz Fight Stick Alpha, the case is so shallow that swapping buttons isn’t even a consideration — added to the fact that, as you can see below, the pushbuttons are soldered directly into a single board.

It seems pretty clear that the market for this stick isn’t hardcore fight stick warriors, but the casual market. And casual players may indeed find this controller entertaining, as it does mainly emulate the arcade “experience” for a reasonable price. If you just like mashing buttons in a fighter now and then, and want something a bit closer to an arcade configuration, you should get your money’s worth.

I found it somewhat fun, but I would definitely prefer to use an arcade stick or a pad.

This stick’s design drawbacks don’t make it a practical substitute for a full-size fight stick, even if the idea of a portable fight stick seems appealing. Serious players — or even players looking get that arcade “feel” — will get more mileage and a better experience out of one of HORI’s larger products, such as the Real Arcade Proline.

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Review and unbox from PremierReviewer


7. Nacon Pro Revolution 2


Physically, the Nacon Pro Revolution is shaped like an Xbox One controller. Taking a look at the front face of the controller, we can see that input buttons on the right are large and closer together, again complimenting those with bigger hands.

They are more convex than the Dual Shock 4’s right input buttons. They have a defined click to them, adding assurance of input every time. The left input buttons (the D-Pad) have replaced the left stick, in favor of the Xbox style design.



Nacon claims this D-Pad to be 8 directional and, well, it is. The design of the triggers and shoulder buttons, however, make an assumption of you. Or rather, it creates a presumption of how you use your hands.

It’s safe to say most of us hold our DualShock 4 with one index finger resting between the trigger and shoulder button.

The next finger down, the middle finger, for me, tends to rest very firmly up towards the bottom of the triggers. The chunky design of the back of the Nacon Pro Revolution forces that middle finger further down the controller.

This caused me a little discomfort to start with and I thought perhaps I’d just gotten too used to the Dualshock 4.

Then again, it’s a safe bet most potential buyers of this product are too. Pianists and guitarists should be fine…

The Nacon Pro Revolution controller is probably beautiful to look. The touchpad sports a grid of tiny PlayStation logos that adds a refined feel.

The left thumbstick is dotted and concave and the right thumbstick is convex and grips equally well.

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So this means no more thumb slipping.

The Nacon Pro Revolution comes with differing weights that can be inserted in the bottom area of the palm grips.

A key comes with the controller, allowing you to screw these little doorways tight, assuring security for later gaming.

If the controller is too light, this is a great option that is easy to take advantage of.

Connecting the Nacon Pro Revolution is done via an AUX cable.

No matter how intense things get in those online matches, it’ll never fall out due to a screw-in fitting. Usually, this would mean we’d just go wireless for a bit. Here’s a big downfall with Nacon Pro Revolution.

Making use of Nacon’s official website, owners can look a game in their library and download its official profile. What that means is sensitivity, and button mapping has been pre-programmed for a selection of games, this controller is probably worth spending the money.

It might take some time, but this is sure to improve your gameplay considerably.

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With having a look at what is out there and what each controller has to offer, it is clear that you need to know what you will be using it for and if that controller will work for whatever you will use it for.

Choosing the correct controller will make a huge difference in your gameplay ability and how comfortable you play the game. It is clear that the gaming industry has stepped up its game with new designs of controllers and there is an incredible offering.

This is set only to improve, and it is exciting to know that it can get better, although we have no idea how they will improve on some of these designs.

While we are spoilt for choice, it is still important to choose the controller that best suits your needs.



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