Places where you can buy steam games in cheaper price

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In this digital era, PC games have picked a new momentum and steam sales have taken the lead. Steam serves an estimated figure of 2.5 billion of the entire game sales in the market.

However, you should not be limited to steam games as the only option place for the purchase of your digital games.

There’re numerous alternative places that are cost effective and worth spending your cash on.

Every dealer offers extra ordinary deals and benefits to its potential customers.

If steam has served you long enough but this time round its down, worry less as this article provides you with adequate options where you can purchase your PC games.


Platforms for cheap steam games


Green Man Gaming



This is the best alternative to indie steam.

Green man gaming provides online related store that avails to customers cheap steam keys.

Green man gaming uses DRM anti-piracy method to protect its clients.

There is no use of dedicated client download.

The store gives discounted prices to most publishing titles.






This distributor provides both direct downloads for DRM-free titles and straight game keys.

Customers win digital credit for every purchase completed.

For customers who take part in posting games reviews or answering few questions on vital topics.





This is the original game store that is offering direct downloads using the web interface.

Direct2Drive also sells DRM activation on uplay, steam and origin.

This company offers no loyalty program but there are discounted services for personal games.


Humble Store



Humble runs a traditional online storefront that allows timely DRM-free pay to what the customer wants.

Humble collaborates with major publishers such as 2K and Enix. There are straight sales on the company’s web and periodic bundles.

Some of the offers are always accompanied with steam keys.





This is a digital storefront that focuses in giving game discounts.

It is one platform confirmed to offering insane deals for customers who use legitimate steam keys from great developers.

It is well known to provide the very cheap steam keys.


 is a game distributer that connects both sellers and buyers for cheap steam keys for pc games.

It also serves both the PSN and Xbox live credit and activation codes from other publishers and distributors.


Steam Alternative






Good Old Games (GOG) is a certified dealer to offer your best-loved AAA game.

Just from its name, this PC distribution hub particularizes in offering older games to its customers.

GOG supplies a variety of games that might be difficult to get from any other dealers.

This distributor was begun by developers of the famous series called the witcher series.

Recently GOG boomed into indie and high-profile PC games so as to satisfy its long term customers.

This distributor has special service platform that is 100% DRM-free. Although such a service limits customers to the number of choices they can make in various games, but this is a dealer with cheap games you will love.

The customers to this hub enjoy no steam keys despite the fact that the games can be found on steam store.

GOG offers your favorite games like the Walking Dead and witcher games and the celebrated developers such as Bethesda and Double fine.


Windows Store



Do you know that the windows 10 developers have also started a Pc games digital download site?

Many pc game lovers are likely to miss out on the cheap game Pc offered by windows Appstore simply because very few bother to look at the apps found on the enormous Windows Store.

Since Windows Appstore is managed by Microsoft, you may lack some fascinating games here but you can get cheap steam games not easily found on any other stores of the famous mobile games.

 is an indies-based dealer.

50% of the Pc games offered by this digital distributor hub is free.

However developers are free to include a price to the games they offer.

This is the main reason, today we see many digital games developers use as a fundamental platform to showcase their games.

Although does not feature any major developers of Pc games, you can still give them a try if you like browsing through a variety of ideas online.

If you’re more interested in some curated deals, you can visit to enjoy various game bundles that have cheap steam keys.






Majority of Pc game lovers are reluctant to visit this distribution system as no famous titles of the greatest game publishers exist on its hub.

This means if you cherish some titles found on steam you’re likely to miss it on origin.

Many gamers just visit origin fir the following reasons:

-To get access to free digital copies from the top EA’s library.

-To select from a limited collection of indie games that are not published by EA

-To enjoy a good service as origin has no questions asked during installation its games after 24 hours or a week later.

You’re only required to subscribe to a $5 charge per month in order to enjoy free reign on a limited access to older publishers and get previews concerning the new games in the market.






Uplay is made by Ubisoft’s and it’s the same as origin.

This distributor combines both the DRM platform and storefront techniques.

The only difference between uplay and origin is that uplay through ubisoft, is connected to great publishing stores such as the steam.

Many players get annoyed by the services offered by ubisoft because during the downloading process of your game, the customers must also register for as uplay clients before the downloaded games are activated.

But you can consider visiting the uplay platform and buy Pc games before proceeding to a huge purchase on ubisoft.

For customers who buy Pc games from ubisoft, you stand a chance to enjoy some little discounts which is a rare case with many Pc game distributors.

There is also a chance of trading for digital goods as a reward for participating in the company’s unit rewards earned through in-game selection of titles.



This is a focused game distributor that allows the gamers to control all the Blizzard Entertainment games such as StarCraft II, World of Warcraft and many upcoming digital games.

All the games are controlled at one point.

This distributor is preferred by many gamers because of it offers cheap Pc games.

Direct Download from Developers and Publishers

For convenience purposes, many foresighted game developers provide their gaming services to customers directly on their published websites.

This another place to get cheap steam games as there are no storefronts involved hence reduced buying price.

Any gamer will love dealing directly with the game developers to avoid the hustles experienced in downloading pc games on digital down sites.

As long as no hub distributor is involved in the purchase process and even the customers buys the game, the developer will not have to pay any distributor, so customers end up getting cheap steam keys.

All you want to do is to ensure that the new game you desire to play is offered a direct purchase from the client to enjoy these cheap services.


Get Your Game Keys from Newegg and Amazon



Many web merchants sell, steam, origin, uplay just like they will sell any other commodity in the market.

As long as you have a standard code that will allow you to access the retail accounts of Best Buy, Amazon, Newegg and GameStop you can sell your services through issuance of an email receipt.

This forms a good platform to access digital games and buy cheap steam games.

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