How To Improve Gaming Performance [Easy & Hard Methods]

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You want to improve your PC gaming performance, you tweak the system, download some “Gaming Booster software,” but unfortunately you see no luck to make it better, even worst, it slower than before.

Then it might be some very fundamental steps you haven’t try or optimize.

So here are the few methods you can try, some problems can be easy to fix, some are a little bit tricky to achieve.

What you will learn:
– How to make your PC load faster and smooth overall (not only in gaming).
– Less loading time while gaming.
– Maximize your PC/laptop performer potential.

Uninstall old programs

Before doing anything, you need to clear out those old programs you no longer use; it can be wasting your computer storage space and affect your computer performance.

Cleaning unuse file or software can leave a lot of space so that you can also install more games in it.

First, you can go to “My computer/This PC” > “Uninstall or change a program” to remove the programs you do not want.

Methods above is for Windows 8, but other versions are almost the same.

Some of the apps cannot be found in the in the “Uninstall or change a program” place; then you need to check it out manually, it could be in your download folder, document folder program file or other areas.

Don’t forget to clean your Recycle bin after deleting those files manually.

Close background apps

Some programs are running in your PC background without your notice, and they even start running the moment you turn on your computer.

Turn off that software in the background that you no longer need, and let all your system resources focus on your gaming.

You can download CCleaner to control what program you want to stop.

CCleaner is a software to help you clean potentially unwanted files in your computer.

It also has other function like controlling your startup programs, optimize the system.

CCleaner has 3 different pricing plan, FREE, PROFESSIONAL($19.95), and PROFESSIONAL BUNDLE($39.95), but the free version is more than enough for you.


Upgrade your graphics drivers

Like the computer operating system, if your computer has a graphics card, then it also needs updates its drivers by time to time.

You can go to Nvidia or ATI (depends on what graphics card you bought) official website to find your card model driver and download it.


Adjust Nvidia control panel

Sometimes the graphics card panel didn’t automatically optimize the game you currently playing, so you need to go to their control panel to turn on the setting.


Install the latest DirectX

Most modern games required the DirectX software, so you need to make sure you update it to the latest version.

Direct X is a collection of application programming interfaces(APIs) for handling tasks related to multimedia, especially game programming.

Sometimes when you install a game for your PC, It also required you to install DirectX to play the game you just introduced.

But In some cases, your Direct X version in your computer might not be the newest, so you need to make sure you have the latest version.

You can get the Direct X download here.


Keep your PC clean (Physically)

Don forget to clean the dust inside your computer or laptop.

If the system cover by a lot of dirt it can be slowing down your PC performance.

Make sure you turn off the PC power supply before clear your computer.


Overclocking the GPU

Overclocking is a technic of increasing the component’s clock rate, meaning it maximize its running speed and power.

But It can be dangerous to process, if you do something wrong, the whole GPU or motherboard will be broke.

This technic a little bit advanced, you need to have a certain level of computer knowledge to handle.

I am not going to teach the detail here, so if you are interested, you can see this guide.



Upgrade your Hardware

It could be a very costly method to improve the gaming performance, but sometimes it is necessary.

To be honest, you cannot play Witcher 3 with your 10 years old potato computer with an outdated graphics card.

If you have a budget, you can invest it in more decent hardware like a graphics card, RAM, hard disk, CPU and cooling system.


Upgrade Graphic Card

Graphics card is hardware which is responsible for rendering an image to your monitor.

High-end graphics video game required a decent graphics card, if your computer’s graphics card didn’t fit the game’s requirement, then you will experience lagging or jittering during the gameplay, or even cannot run the game at all.

Updated to SSD

SSD stands for solid-state-drive we using it for storing thing on our computer.

Compare to HDD(Hard Disk Drive), SSD process faster, it reduces loading time while in gaming.

I cover a topic about the SSD for gaming, you can read the detail here.

Upgrade RAM

RAM(Random access memory), is the type of computer memory which temporarily stores the information your PC needs at the moment(right now).

It differs from the SSD or HHD, they are the long-term memory, and RAM handles the short-term memory.

It also can reduce the gameplay loading time and run the game a little bit smoother.


Upgrade CPU

CPU stands for Central Processing Unit; it handles the instructions it receives from software and hardware running on the computer.

The major companies produce consumer CPU are Intel and AMD.

It likes the brain of the entire computer, so if you have a very high-end graphics card but your CPU outdated, then you might not get it full potential power while playing a video game.


Check the game system requirements.

Even though you do all the things that I mentioned above, but if your hardware didn’t match the requirement of the video game you want to play, then it will not much help for the gaming performance.

So before you buy the games, make sure you check their system requirements carefully,


lower your graphics setting in the game

If your computer is an ancient and you already try your best to optimize it, but nothing work, and you don’t have the money to upgrade your hardware, then you might be considered lower the graphics setting in your game.



If you follow all the method above, at least one or two ways, then your PC gaming performance will be improved.


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Does SSD Improve Gaming Performance? (Best SSD For Gaming )

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SSDs have many advantages over traditional hard drives.

The biggest selling point is the much faster access times and the higher data rates.

Windows boots faster and programs open up more quickly, which is why SSDs have long been established as a system disk.

Apart from the advantages of gaming, an SSD brings a significant performance boost if you use it as a system disk and installed often needed programs on the solid state drive.

Many small delays are almost completely eliminated and the SSD gives you a much smoother feel when using your PC.

If you plan to use an SSD as a pure gaming hard drive, you should consider carefully: If you already have a current CPU and a fast graphics card, an SSD is a useful upgrade option to give the computer a bit more speed and reduce load times while playing.


Why an SSD brings so much to the performance

In a computer system, there are different components with different performance.

The overall performance is often slowed down by the weakest link in the chain.

With an SSD, this imbalance can be compensated and thus significantly improve the performance.

When it comes to upgrading a PC or notebook to be more productive, many users are thinking of upgrading the processor and memory.

But that does not bring in many cases the desired effect.

If you take a look at the components in a computer system, it quickly becomes clear why this is so.

Modern processors and main memory now achieve a data transfer rate of more than 30 GB per second.

But the data must be available to these components to achieve such transfer rates.

And that’s where the disk comes into play – as a brake pad. Modern magnetic hard drives offer at best a transfer rate of just 200 MB / s or, to be able to compare it a little better, 0.2 GB / s. CPU and RAM are faster by a factor of 150.

It is clear that a magnetic hard disk slows down CPU and RAM significantly, which negatively impacts productivity.

And even if you look back a couple of years and look at the throughput rates of an Athlon 64 X2 and Pentium 4 Extreme Editon , you will find that at around 5 GB / s, they exceed the performance of a modern magnetic hard disk by a factor of 25.

If one considers that older systems also used older systems which at that time offered an approximate transfer rate of 80 MB / s, the difference between hard disk performance and CPU / main memory increases to a factor of 62.5.

Any action that minimizes these performance differences means that CPU and RAM will have less to wait for data to meet more quickly.

For the user, the waiting times are shortened and productivity increases.


SSD minimizes performance imbalance

As a proven means to minimize the power imbalance, therefore, many users use an SSD.

First of all, in terms of performance compared to a magnetic hard disk, far superior flash memory was only a SATA interface based on the AHCI protocol available.

This offers a maximum transfer rate of 600 MB / s.

In practice, the overhead of the protocol costs some power.

But with a net transfer rate of about 550 MB / s, SSDs are more than twice as fast as modern magnetic hard drives.


Hard drives: HDD and SSD – what’s the difference?

Small, fast, expensive: The alternative to the classic HDD is the SSD. Although both types look similar, they are different.

Which of these are and whether you would prefer to use a Solid State Disc (SSD) or a Hard Drive Disc (HDD), see this guide.


HDD or SSD: differences in operation

The two hard disk types HDD and SSD have a completely different functionality:

•The classic HDD consists of one or more magnetic disks and one read head each.

The magnetic disks rotate during operation.

The read head (attached to a flywheel) travels over the discs and reads out the stored data.

•An SSD, however, consists of many flash memories, as they are also installed in USB sticks.

That means: In an SSD no mechanical parts are installed.

•For particularly interested: In separate articles, we explain the operation of the SSD and HDDin detail.


HDD vs. SSD: Advantages of the SSD

For some years, the SSD seems slowly but surely to run out of class HDD rank.

This is mainly due to the many advantages:

•The SSD has no mechanical parts, which makes it much more robust than the HDD.

It also cope with crashes without any problems, whereas HDDs can expect defects and data loss.

•Due to the lack of mechanical parts SSDs are also almost noiseless.

An HDD buzzes while in operation. This is particularly noticeable in notebooks and PCs with a thin housing.

•The main advantage of the SSD: It works much faster than the classic hard drive.

As a result, PCs and notebooks with an SSD start noticeably faster and up to twice faster than with classic hard disks.

Files and programs are even opened up to four times faster.

•The SSD is last easier than the HDD.

This makes it especially suitable for mobile devices. In addition, it is usually more efficient, so consumes significantly less power.

This also makes them interesting for mobile devices, as the battery life is extended.


HDD vs. SSD: Advantages of the HDD

In addition to the many advantages lurk in SSDs but also some dangers.

Which are the and where the HDD still has the nose, we have summarized here for you:

•An HDD is currently (still) a lot cheaper than the SSD.

Nevertheless, you can also save a lot on the new hard drive type, as our price-performance ranking shows.

•Furthermore, HDDs offer significantly more storage space.

Up to 8 TB are possible here, while current SSDs are over after 2 TB at the latest.

•In case of data loss, HDDs usually have more hope: the data can often be read out with special tools .

This is rarely possible with an SSD.

•Therefore our recommendation: The SSHD combines the advantages of a HDD with those of the fast SSD.

What do I have to consider when using SSD?

– Computer: The SSD effect is clearly noticeable only in PCs and notebooks with dual-core processor (from Core i3) and at least 4 gigabytes of RAM.

To take full advantage of the current SSDs, the computer also needs SATA 3.0 ports.

– Operating System : Optimal SSD works only with Windows 7 , older Windows versions are not recommended.

For example, Windows 7 automatically turns off the defragmentation that is harmful to SSDs.

In addition, Windows 7 offers the very important with SSDs Trim function.

This tells the operating system of the SSD which data blocks are deleted and can be reused.

– Memory Usage: When an SSD is almost full, its tempo drops significantly.

Lifetime also suffers because the few free areas are often described. Therefore, SSDs should be at most about 85 percent occupied.


Best budget SSD for gaming

If you want to buy an SSD hard disk for a laptop, notebook or desktop PC, for example, to boot the operating system faster, you will find a very large and extensive range of different disks, manufacturers and capacities.

In the test, we took a close look at the most popular models and summarized the test winners in our Top 5 list of the best SSD hard drives of 2018. In order to be able to compare the prices better, we chose for the respective SSD hard drive 256GB as memory variant.

In addition, each internal SSD hard drive is 2.5 inches in size, as it can be used for both desktop PCs and laptop SSDs.


1. Samsung MZ-75E250B / EU 850 EVO


The best SSD hard drive was the Samsung model.

The plate convinced in the test not only by a very good reading and writing speed of 540 or 520 MB / second, but also by the chic design and the different variants.

So you can buy the model both as a standard and starter kit variant, which already contains a SATA to USB 3.0 cable.

Both variants include the management software Magician.

Even if you need a bit more space and prefer the SSD hard drive 1TB space, you will find Samsung, because in addition to the tested version with 256GB, it is synonymous with 120GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and even 4TB what Otherwise there is no manufacturer.

However, one has to say fair that the two and four Terrabyte variants are uninteresting because of the enormously high price for the private sector.

The board has a SATA 6Gb / s interface down to 1.5Gb / s and 3GB / s, and thanks to 512MB of low power DDR3 SDRAM, which serves as a cache, the record is superbly equipped for all areas well suited.

Compared to the PRO series from Samsung, TLC modules are used instead of MLC modules, which store three instead of just two bits per cell, but for the private sector this is usually sufficient, although this somewhat reduces the durability and speed , However, the strong values of up to 88,000 IOPS random write performance and 100,000 IOPS random read performance on the 256GB model speak for themselves.


2. Intenso 3812430



The Intenso model is a very solid SSD hard drive that operates at a speed of 520 MB / s (read) or 490 MB / s (write).

This puts her in the midfield but convinces with solid workmanship and good shock and vibration resistance. In the 256 GB variant with 512 MB cache, the disk operates with a 4KB random read performance of 38,000 IOPS and a random write rate of 52,000 IOPS.

Although this is only mediocre, but is usually enough for everyday life, because thanks to the SATA III interface with 6Gbps, the model still works fast and reliable.

Negative was in the test on the fact that the plate makes in contrast to the manufacturer’s information but quite good audible noise.

This is particularly uncomfortable if you want to use it as an SSD hard drive for your notebook or laptops.

Priced in particular, the 128 GB version but in a very good range and the 256 GB disk offers a good price-performance ratio.

As a 1TB hard drive, there is not the model of Intenso, because you only have the choice between 128, 256 and 512 GB.


3. SanDisk PLUS SDSSDA-240G-G26



With its SSD PLUS, SanDisk offers a good hard drive with a write speed of up to 445 MB / s or a read speed of up to 535 MB / s. In the Random Read / Write Test she reached a maximum of 36,000 or 66,000 IOPS, which is in solid midfield.

Unfortunately, it is not to be seen when buying, whether it is a model with MLC or TLC Flash and the performance has never been consistent, but fluctuated quite strong.

The package includes the SanDisk SSD Dashboard monitoring software, which allows you to check drive status in real time.

Also, the hard drive could convince in the test, because it is very impact and vibration and temperature resistant, so your data is always safe. In addition to the standard version, SanDisk offers the SSD hard drive with 500GB (or 480) and 120 GB. In terms of price, the model is also convincing, even though the prices for the 250 GB variants have come closer and closer in recent times.

But if you are looking for a smaller version, here comes his money, because the 120 GB model is very cheap to have at SanDisk.

However, if you really want to use a lot of hard disk, you should stay away from it, because especially with permanently high cache load, the disk tends to give up the ghost faster than other models.


4. Samsung MU-PA250B / EU T5



The best external SSD hard drive comes from Samsung.

The model with USB 3.1 interface achieves a sequential data transfer rate of up to 540 MB / s and is very compact with 7.4 x 5.7 x 1 cm.

Thanks to optional AES 256-bit encryption, you can protect your data very well against unauthorized access and the capacity selection at Samsung speaks for itself anyway.

So you can buy the hard drive as 250GB, 500GB and even as 1TB and 2TB variant.

The latter, however, is so expensive that it will be hard to come by for private use.

The plate weighs only 51 grams in total, but is still very solid and well designed.

The delivery includes a suitable USB Type C and a USB Type C to A already included.

Compared to internal SSDs, the model is much more expensive, but the price-performance ratio is nevertheless good due to its uniform and good performance in combination with the very compact design.


5. Kingston SSDNowV300



This is an SSD that has a storage capacity of 240 GB and has a SATA Rev 3.0 interface and is backward compatible with the SATA Rev 2.0 interface.

In addition, this SSD offers a read speed of 191 MB / s and a write speed of 142 MB / s and could even up to 85 000 IOPS.

Also note that this hard drive is reliable and therefore, you can count on it to make your computer fast.

As for its power consumption, it is relatively low and the good news is that this SSD is compatible with all operating systems and all computers as long as they are equipped with SSD connectors.

The Kingston SSDNowV300 solid state hard drive would be perfect for people looking to save money and want to change their relationship with their computer forever.

In addition, this computer device has a 3-year warranty, which proves among other things, the reliability of the brand!

Kingston is for many customers a better SSD brand currently on the market.

In particular, they enjoyed the Kingston SSDNowV300, a model equipped with an optimized LSI SandForce controller for the brand.



If a PC or notebook is equipped with a reasonably decent processor and has at least 4 GB of RAM, you should consider equipping it with an SSD and bringing it back to life.

This is worthwhile even for systems that have already gotten a bit old.

Even a 2007 iMac with a Core 2 Duo processor and four gigabytes of memory has benefited from an SSD upgrade in the test.

While starting with the built-in magnetic hard disk takes over a minute, macOS was ready after the installation of an SSD already after 30 seconds.

And also the use of Photoshop has made fun again with the SSD-tuned iMac.

And for a high-performance system, you should use the currently fastest NVMe SSD.



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SteelSeries Arctis Pro Headset

What Headsets Do Pro Gamers Use (Best Gaming Headset 2018)

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What headset do pro gamers use?

Let’s be honest, we all love a new pair of headsets.

Getting a new pair of headsets is like putting new, perfect strength prescription glasses on your ears.

You just notice soundscapes that evaded you before, whether it’s bass or treble.



However, few people other than audiophiles and music producers enjoy high quality headsets as much as pro gamers.

Most people aren’t aware of the huge effect that high-quality sound can have on a gaming experience.

And in the case of professional gamers, the sound quality of their professional gaming headset can even affect their job performance.

Let’s look at an example.

In CS:GO, pro gamers will splurge hundreds of dollars on professional, production worthy headsets.


Because it gives them an advantage.

In games such as CS:GO, if you have high quality headsets, you can more clearly hear where your enemies are coming from.

This means that you can set up ambushes more easily than an opponent with lower quality headphones can.

That’s right, in many types of competitive games, the quality of your esports gaming equipment actually makes a concrete difference in how well a pro gamer can play the game.

So needless to say, a good gamer headset is pretty important to pro gamers.

But which headsets give you the best bass for your buck?

Read on to find out what the best gaming headset for you is.

*A pair of the good headset may not enough, if you playing PlayStation 4, choose a better controller can light up your gaming experience.

1. SteelSeries Arctis Pro


SteelSeries Arctis Pro Headset


It’s not every day that a gaming headset pops up with an audio profile that could be used in music production, but the SteelSeries Arctis Pro provides just that level of quality.

In addition, this steelseries headset can be used for musical enjoyment as well, thanks to how they include a DAC (digital to audio converter) in their build.

They’re a bit pricey, but steelseries headsets overall just a phenomenal headset. You can find them here.

Check Price



Video Transcript

Hey everyone Jimmy with Jim’s review room.

Considering I’ve gotten my gaming rig built here on this channel I also have that 4k TV in the back for my consoles the last missing piece is it gave me headset to bridge the gap.

I’m huge at audio as you guys can tell him to channel here and some of my headsets in the past.

We’re great on PC but they all converted to a 35-millimeter plug
that connected into my controller with my PlayStation 4

The best audio output now a SteelSeries released their newest artist Pro line.

Their best of the best headsets available at the time of this video and it comes with a digital to analog converter.

As always being transparent with you guys they did sponsor this video but I’m going to go through both pros and cons.

I’ll leave links down in that video description below the link will take you to
SteelSeries comm for more information.

I’m Jimmy with Jim’s review room and I’m here to help you make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review


Now I have both the artist Pro Plus game deck and the artist Pro Wireless.

Both of these were for PC and PlayStation 4 now both these headsets look nearly identical, same metal band up top here wrapped in a soft and stretching ski goggles.

In here matte black finish all the way around same plastic yet durable
arms extending to the ear cups.

Now doing my vent test which I’m aware is overkill but not trying to break these I’m trying to see if there’s any kind of chatter creaking rattling that would show any kind of weak spots or cheap build quality.

I don’t see any or hear any issues whatsoever but ear cups are closed back with back plates which are easily removable.

The Pro Plus model that I have run mine neck here it does have RGB lighting partially controllable within the deck fully customizable though with any SteelSeries engine software which unfortunately was not available during the time of me testing.

The wireless model does not have our jeebies.

Now both headsets features nearly identical buttons the craftsmanship and detail are one of the best for sure

Here for my assessment all are very premium feeling super grippy with no issues whatsoever in determining where you are trying to button locate during gameplay.

Now on screen are basically what all the features are offered but the wireless model having an additional micro USB port for charging the headsets

And then on their right ear cup and you have power and bluetooth pairing

Now with the pro wireless model I did confirm you are able to use the headset with the wireless transmitter for in-game audio.

Of course and you’re able to activate bluetooth at the same time to let’s say
listen to music in the background or for those who use discord you can use the chat feature on discord.

While playing PlayStation 4 for those who might intend on using these for or as regular headphones.

Basically for music listening away from home and transit with your smartphone.

I was able to verify Bluetooth signal 64 linear feet was how far I could get before the signal started to crackle.

And for gaming for the wireless transmitter on the wireless
model it does use 2.4 gigahertz frequency with low latency.

I was able to confirm 48 linear feet before the audio started to crackle so right before I started talking about comfort I absolutely love this feature.

Here you can share your audio from one of these headsets to any other pair of headphones.

For this is a first time for me but could acting at 3 1/2 millimeter chord from
one headset to another brand.

It doesn’t have to be SteelSeries you’re able to split the audio connection.

Your friend just won’t have these same surround sound performance but at least both you guys can sit there and hear what’s going on the screen.

Now getting back to that physical features let’s talk about comfort and both headsets are average in weight with other premiums.

Here at headsets the wired version comes in at 350 gram the wireless version comes in at 375 grams not making these any lighter or heavier than most of the other headsets on the market.

Now a slight partner for me here I was hoping there’d be lighter now while wearing these for several hours straight it took some time to get used to at first.

I did feel a slight pinch at the crown of my head here but after extending the band and finding that sweet spot these performed on par with the competitors comfortable enough but I was again hoping for hence if these days to feel even lighter.

Now although the wireless model was heavier though than these are wired ones there wasn’t much of a difference in experience.

The ear pads are comfortable for me and work in a 72 degree room office

Basically for a little over 2 hours straight gaming I’ve never had any kind of ear sweats or weird fatigue around the ears.

Now last up on the probe wireless model thankfully behind this backplate here there is a replaceable battery.

The retail package does offer two batteries and each one of these lasts up to 10 hours which is great a huge benefit when one battery dies there’s already another one that’s pushed in or inside the gaming wireless transmitter itself.

So that way you’ll never have to recharge your batteries.

Essentially you might never have to be encountered or
encounter a dead battery situation.

Now these headsets included a retractable mic highly positionable.

Both headsets features RGB lighting at the end here for you to customize.

Here’s a quick audio sample.

Alright folks here is the microphone test is completely unedited
completely natural here.

Now we’ve tested some pretty darn good headsets with some
very good mics.

In the past I’ve noticed even the good ones these sound nasally.

They make me sound a little bit congested.

You guys hearing a 100% natural here.

This is probably the least congested that I’ve sounded so far.

This one the best microphones for gaming that I have used.

Now it’s a test out background noise.

Just case you have

like your I don’t know your mom yelling you in the background.

Your brother’s playing around you being quiet while you’re playing.

Let’s test out some background noise.

Have you guys heard that but we’ll find out in post-production
but he had.

This is the most natural test here completely unedited.

Back to the review.

Alright folks getting into the digital to analog converter on the Pro Plus model.

Now SteelSeries offers their own DAC but this is gaming first certified high res audio system.

SteelSeries is claiming up to 40,000 Hertz are reproduced while standard headsets produced 20 mm.

They also claimed their ESS saber chip gives off high fidelity full resolution audio Plus this is the first ever headset to offer DTS X version 2.

Sounds amazing and sounds promising but let’s see what the deck offers first and then I’ll give you my audio test right afterwards.

Now the Pro Plus game deck model is a small module that’s connected via USB.

No need to connect the supplied optical cable if you’re using this.

On PlayStation 4 you need to then connect both connections.

Now everything feels high-quality and responsive just like
the headset themselves but the plastic screen covering the OLED display it’s unfortunately very easily scratch Apple.

The informational screen is very much viewable in even bright rooms situations, bright light situation and it’s very straightforward and easy to use.

Both headsets do offer a built-in equalizer and these headsets tune very well.

Here making subtle adjustments does reflect in the audio experience and thankfully it doesn’t distort.

The audio mixer makes for fine tuning the in-game chat and your gaming audio very easy as well.

I’ll take a closer look at the Pro Bowlers model it is slightly different.

It’s a slightly different interface that utilize is still present and like on
both headsets you can control own allowing you to control how much you can hear your own voice in game.

So alright folks please put on your headphones and earphones for the audio test.

I’ll be using binaural microphones to give you the best the 3d audio experience as a heads up and then use their built-in equalizer to give the best audio experience that I could.

Here it goes


And there you have it folks.

First up both headsets perform very similar to each other despite one being
on a dedicated deck while the other one is on a wireless transmitter.

Now both were able to get loud enough for comfortable and just enough for
competitive gaming that if they were not loud enough for you be sure to adjust the vibe limiter on the deck or wireless transmitter.

Now seconds when you’re putting these on for the first time they’re going to sound extremely well balanced but also very flats gonna be flat across the board and I would highly recommend to customize the equalizer to
the way that you want it to.

Here’s a quick demo.

Now once I tuned it the base was much deeper for explosions footsteps and objects dropping in-game.

The mid-range and high notes were pushed a bit more forward making me more my new details much more appearance.

Not to mention my spacial awareness was increased quite a bit.

The audio from footsteps to directions of gunshots were improved and maybe immersion that much more enjoyable and it does give you a much more competitive edge.

Fortnite worked well with hearing gunshots off in a distance and hearing where it was coming from identifying where the competition might be perched up and sniping from.

During my time testing it’s no question highly detailed from my experience with no listening fatigue no screeching pierces from bullets.

Here overall a very balanced headset one flat but also highly tuneable when you use the EQ.

Now overall the biggest highlight from the artists Pro line is how clean the audio is and how accurate it can be.

Now the only critique is wishing there was more
of an open soundstage.

In general I wanted just a little bit more audio separation and just a airiness that you get some from games at times.

Now the last benefit these headsets also work on the PlayStation 4 and it makes a world of difference.

I had the same performance on my PlayStation 4 as I did on my PC but I’ve been using a typical 3.5 millimeter pair of headphones or earphones and when playing over the years.

Making that transition over to the DAC for the first time tremendously
helps your or bring out the surround sound experience by considering this is an all-in-one audio system that works across the board.

Here there’s value there rather than buying two separate.

Headsets so I hope this video helped you in some way be sure to LIKE and
subscribe if you haven’t already for more information on these headsets again I’ll have my links down below.

I’m Jimmy with Jim’s review room and I’m here to help you make that purchasedecision you guys take care now see you on the next one bye.


2. HyperX Cloud Revolver S


HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset


The Hhyperx Cloud gaming headset features better surround sound than the Arctis Pro mentioned above, but it comes at the cost of an absence of DAC, a slightly more awkward microphone, and a cable that can be infuriatingly prone to getting caught on any number of objects around you.

Still, the HyperX Cloud Revolver S headset provides a huge amount of quality for their price.

Just as importantly, they’re insanely comfortable, which can actually be quite useful during those marathon gaming sessions we all put in at the launch of a new game.

You can pick them up here.


Check Price


Video Transcript

everyone jimmy wooden shims review room

I’m trying to step up my game in the

online PC gaming community shout out to

Detective disrespect for those who know

him but I am looking for a better more

competitive advantage I still have my

Cloud revolvers which are priced at 120

but today we’re looking at the revolver

s these are priced at 150 and to justify

its price HyperX offers and improved

noise cancelling microphone slightly

improved design and a new digital sound

processor that you don’t get on the

original model as always I’ll place my

Amazon affiliate links in the video

description below click on those links

and they’ll give you the most updated

prices in real time so sit back relax

and hopefully videos can help you make

that purchase decision welcome everyone

to jim’s review


go over the physical features first

they’re practically identical to the

original leather band feels supple and

soft up top the metal wireframe is

highly durable and just like the cheaper

model it’s shockingly performs well for

weight distribution considering how

heavy these are and because of that

HyperX design it’s actually more

comfortable than my $200 logitech

Artemis now there’s barely any wearing

fatigue at the crown of the head and the

clamping force that the jawline is

subtle yet it’s still comfortable HyperX

makes a return with their signature

memory foam ear pads which felt decent

and because these are over ear closed

back headsets my ears do heat up from

extended play now no sweating on normal

occasions but at times if you’re in a

warm room or for someone who doesn’t

have any air conditioning you’re going

to get ear sweat regardless nasty now

the wire is fixed on the side in which

I’m hoping for a detachable version as I

mentioned in the cloud revolver review

wire cheddar is quite apparent though at

very low volumes if you move quite a bit

or play mostly campaign games and it’s

really silent in the background that’s

heavily also involved in dialogue the

wire chatter might distract you from

your experience but during more intense

online gameplay like overwatch or maybe

battlefield you’re not really going to

notice much

now besides wire chatter the headset so

gives off a reverb but to give credit it

has been improved quite a bit with these

rubber mounts up top with the original

revolver it gives off this metal

vibration reverb when you accidentally

touch the headset with these new rubber

mounts on the S model you get less of

that tinny metal result it is there but

honestly I don’t think it’s a

deal-breaker at all once you’re in the

game I’ll be honest with you guys it’s

not noticeable every time now next up is

the microphone it is detachable which is

nice and standard like most headsets

there’s fair amounts of adjustability

and even with accidental tugs that I’ve

tested it stays put now general

movements with the wire rubbing against

her shirt will not cause wire chatter

through transmit to the microphone which

is a good thing but on the other hand if

you’re manually moving the wires with

your hands a very faint rustling cry

will be picked up as for my voice you

could hear yourself I’ll give this one a

thumbs up I don’t sound as nasally with

some of the headsets do but for the most

part my voice sounds quite natural when

compared to the competition now as

mentioned earlier HyperX is claimed to

offer an advanced noise cancelling

microphone and with my testing it’s a

rising Lee blacks out background voices

very well I had Adam in the background

speaking in a natural voice and then

microphone barely had him audible this

ideal if you’re gaming around friends

get me competitively give me when you

have family members in your background

that won’t respect your domain on the

other hand

typing keys or simple clinking or

crinkling of paper that noise is reduced

a good bit but it is still picked up

overall a very good performance last

years the digital sound processor is

built right in and thankfully offers a

very slim profile this is possibly the

biggest reason maybe the sole reason why

you’d spend the extra money and buy this

particular model standard game and mic

volume scroll wheels or on the side

there’s a nice large mute button in the

middle on the left side are preset

equalizer settings that toggles from

enhanced vocals to flat EQ to bass boost

lit up for your convenience now this

works on PC but sadly nothing happens

when a head is connected to my

Playstation 4 now dead smack in the

middle is the Dolby surround sound

button and once pressed that digital

processor inside offers simulated 7.1

surround sound and during my time in

gaming switching back and forth between

both my god is it’s effective I’m highly

impressed spatial awareness is distinct

you can easily identify if someone’s

behind you in front of you and who’s off

in the distance playing overwatch it

gives off lovely audio cues when he

announcer speaks the amount of detail

recognized now versus what the original

model offered is night and day where I

found it the most impressive is

battlefield one and once DSP is on each

bullet shot is just visceral with higher

pitches in its frequency the environment

you standing becomes more Airy in

experience creating that surround sound

experience immediately in-game

explosions are much more pronounced yet

not distorted nor muddy and again that

spatial sound awareness I want to

emphasize that the sound gives off such

a huge competitive advantage over all

I’m highly impressed it is a very

immersive experience and you get quality

sound characteristics all around so the

wrap this up here this of course works

best for the PC the DSP works for

PlayStation 4 as well but you only get a

slight hissing noise when you turn on

the surround sound feature but the sound

in general does improve over the factory

or stock settings for Xbox one there’s

no DSP connection

all you have to connect this through the

3.5 millimeter cord that’s supplied so

you do lose these 7.1 Dolby surround

sound feature

so overall the sound aspect it is simply

hands-down great I think it’s one of the

best for competitive play though but if

I had to critique I do wish the headsets

were even lighter and for the

reverberations I wish they were reduced

even further but overall I think the

headset is perfect for the average

consumer to a competitive player so

that’s it for this review be sure to

like and subscribe to help support my

work be sure to follow me on Facebook

Twitter and or Instagram as always I’m

here to help you guys make that purchase

decision you guys take care and I will

see you on the next one bye

3. Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament


Turtle Beach - Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset


Surely, I couldn’t get past the top three in a gaming headset list without including a Turtle Beach headset.

Turtle Beach headsets have been making insanely high-quality gaming headsets since their inception as a company, and that trend has only continued today.

Although you do pay a little more for the brand, what you get with Turtle Beach is consistency.

I’ve never bought a Turtle Beach headset and been disappointed, and the Elite Pro headset is just as great as any of their previous products.

Turtle Beach consistently provides some of the best esports gaming equipment the industry has to offer, and this headset is no different.

Check Price



Video Transcript

what’s up everybody Billy here and as

you can see right in front of me there

are some awesome things I mean it’s

gonna be a little bit upside down

because the way that I’m going to be

switching between front-facing camera

and then top-down view

I know it’s upside down but you can

already guess what this is gonna be and

I’m really excited for this because

these are the turtlebeach Elite Pro

tournament headset not only am i

unboxing the headset which is this one

over here I’m also unboxing the tactical

audio controller and let me just pull

this one down over here the noise

cancelling microphone now just to kind

of get it out of the way this one

already does have a microphone over here

but this one has a noise canceling I’m

sure this one is probably good but this

one has the noise cancelling added

benefits to it first and foremost I’d

like to thank turtlebeach for sending

this out to us so we can check it out

earlier the release date for this is

actually June 12th so that is indeed

coming up and if you guys want to check

it out and even pre-order yourself be

sure to check out the Amazon link in the

description below I’m also going to get

pricing out of the way really really

quickly so the headset just the headset

itself not including the audio

controller or the noise cancelling

microphone this bad boy over here is

going to set you back 1 $99.99 and all

of these are all sold separately

the tactical audio controller that one

is also one $99.99 and the noise

cancelling microphone over here this one

is $39.99 all those prices are in u.s.

so if you in your respective country it

might be a little bit more expensive but

be sure to convert it for your own or

check out your own Amazon store so as

you can see right off the bat these

things will work for your PlayStation 4

your Xbox one or your PC of course

there’s a little asterisks because you

know you need sometimes a little bit

extra things for it to work with it but

anyway it is going to be working with

all of those systems no matter which one

you are so if you’re really trying to

step up your game to the next level

because in all honesty audio cues are a

really really big part of video gaming

you might not think about it until you

actually experience it with the set of

headphones kind of like these ones over

here or you can actually hear when an

enemy or an opponent is coming up let’s

say from behind you or a certain side or

even be in a certain part of the map

having those audio cues and that audio

awareness can really step up your game

to the next level not just necessarily

your a quick you are with your reflexes

so let’s start off right off the bat

let’s look at the headset themselves

we’re going to push these off to the

side and let’s get right into these ones

over here so these are wired they’re not

Wireless because you don’t want to be

messing around with

tooth or any other kind of having

interference between any of the other

bands there you want to be sure what

you’re hearing is what you’re gonna be

experiencing game so there’s almost no

delay to it let’s just tell you right

off the bat over here it’s the wired

tournament headset some nice artwork all

along the side over here here’s just a

quick kind of overview of all the things

that it has if you guys want to pause

the video and take a look at it yourself

I’ll just go over quickly it does have

adjustable part of it over here so you

can actually adjust it to your head size

so if you have a bigger head make it

bigger smaller head you can make it

smaller there are the ear cushions that

they say are really really really nice

to wear for a long time one interesting

thing that I noted right over here and

this is very cool so if you have one of

those glasses that you like to wear when

you’re gaming you know to reduce the

blue light coming into your eyes this

actually has a little kind of notch in

there so you don’t have to have the

glasses pushing up against your face

when you have the ear cups on I think

that’s pretty sweet and I think that’s a

really nice addition to it this one does

include the microphone already included

but if you want to get the noise

cancelling one that one is extra and

we’ll be unboxing that as well in this

video and it also mentioned some of

these specs for these speakers as well

yeah all the cool stuff over here just

mentions I really like I’m really diggin

like the aesthetic for this I like the

kind of silver writing on there that’s

really dope so let’s get right into it

that’s just a quick overview of the

package itself let’s go right into it

right here I don’t even think I need my

unboxing knife or this yeah it’s just uh

slide it out you’re good to go so here

we go turtle beat I like that just black

silver can actually kinda reminds me of

that other unboxing we did with the

Ricoh theta s where it has that it’s

black box with the next silver finish I

really really enjoy that and we saw that

from before from the top over there I

think yeah it’s just we pull it up from

the bottom here and here we go

Turtle Beach Elite Pro this is Turtle

Beach that is really awesome that’s

really really cool I like that I like

when companies include these kind of

things I always I always like these kind

of materials to be honest ooh nice

little protective padding over there I


telling us that we’re going to need

whatever’s behind over here afterwards

but let’s get right into the headset

themselves and let me give you just my

first impression I’m gonna be doing the

full review of these later on after I

actually have some time to play with


but let me just do the initial

impressions for them this is Wow I just

feels that feels really premium wow

that’s that feels really soft those your

cushions there I know how a huge head so

I’m gonna already have to like I’m gonna

go to seven right away there’s like a

couple different notches on there let me

just say so you guys can see a little

bit better one through 11 yes it does go

all the way up to 11 let me just have a

big head so mention left and right on

here oh yeah left right here we go home

yeah I have a huge head I’m gonna have

to probably go to the bottom oh no wait

does that tighten it yes that tightens

it okay I have to go up I think maybe we

have to go all the way to one cuz I’m a

huge head yeah I have a huge head I have

to go all the way to the top I mean what

is – oh wait what is happening here okay

there we go

are they fit nicely nice and snug not

too I don’t notice any really real

pressure points along my ears the

cushions feel nice but I’d have to

actually try for an extended period of

time before you know I give give a full

review of that but so far I’m really

digging it I’m liking the impression

that these are giving me nice little

adjustability over here on the top so

moves and Springs with you yeah nice big

ear cups on here that’s really cool and

look at that you can see inside there

the the drivers in there I think see the

left and right and they do kind of like

you know if you want to fold them around

and stuff just want to make a more

compact it’s pretty cool so that’s a

headset and of course we’re going to

need some more stuff behind here so here

are the additional accessories nicely

packaged and this is probably where the

cables and what note are gonna be yeah

here we go this is for the actual cables

themselves and for the microphone when

you want to put it in here oh that’s for

this part over here thing and then the

microphone goes

into over here all that makes it so day

it’s more modular so you can actually

either put the noise canceling one you

can even use it without the headphones

if you really wanted to just as you know

just as a headphone sorry not without

the microphone you can just plug that in

there with the 3.5 millimeter jack

here’s the actual connector to it that’s

pretty cool I wonder what it kind of

looks a little bit proprietary it’s hard

to tell so it does end off with the 3.5

millimeter afterwards on there so that’s

interesting to note and then last but

certainly not least literature because

if you want to read more on how to

actually set it up and everything this

is probably where you’re going to want

to start and yeah tor transistor okay

good to know oh look we even have some

YouTube videos too if you guys want to

check it out get some tutorials this is

all the way out warranty information

Quick Start Guide yeah there you go if

you want a nice big sticker throw that

on the back of something your laptop

your car whatever alrighty so let’s get

into the noise cancelling microphone I

mean that’s probably be the quickest one

you have a nice little let’s just pull

off the audio controller off to the side

there really quickly this just has a

pull tab here easy peasy lemon squeezy

and it mentions align your microphone is

seen to the left for optimal noise

cancellation okay pretty sweet so yeah

if you’re going to be wanting to use

this for the noise canceling proper

let’s say you play in a really messy

area this is gonna be probably something

that you’re gonna want to use and even

teaches you how to plug it in and use it

with the tactical audio controller as

well so probably it’s just gonna be the

microphone probably not much else in

here but so yeah here we go it does look

different than the other one because the

other one has like it’s more of that has

that foam on it and this one has like

kind of squirt off foam I guess it up it

has more probably noise canceling

properties to it and up here’s some

additional cable for it as well okay so

you have the microphone yeah F two of

them especially cuz going to connect to

the audio controller the one for the

actual headset themselves and then the

microphone usually that’s denoted by

pink is microphone released from

computer stuff so I’m going to assume

it’s probably the same when it comes to

here so in this bowl

really quickly here and as you can see

it’s just easy peasy you plug it in

right into there nice little click and

then you can adjust it as you will it

set to put it at like a 20 degree angle

from where your mouth is

so I mean you don’t to grab a protractor

to do that but you know you want to have

it more or less approximately just to

see how it actually you know functions

together so next let’s move on to the

actual tactical uh view controller and

here we go

quick look around the box you can see

you have the game volume chat background

outbound mic huan’er you have a lot of

options over here Dolby Digital that’s

pretty cool uh yeah and click look

around the box see what it has commute

your microphone directly from here you

don’t have to do from in-game I do love

these master control buttons here that’s

pretty sick yeah you can adjust how much

you want things you can have like the

different surround sound presets so like

I said this is going to really help you

step up your game when it comes to the

audio portion of it because there are

audio cues and games that size you need

to really pay attention to if you want

to take your thing up to the next level

so and here’s some more information in

other languages just in case you want to

pause it on there so seems pretty

similar actually to the I said I like

the aesthetic design the turtlebeach has

gone with this that’s pretty dope so

yeah it looks like I’m gonna need my

knife for this one but it’s only one

more cut so in case you’re wondering

about this knife I’m going to be leaving

a card for you guys to check it out you

might recognize it it is from

counter-strike go

that is a cram bit indeed so let’s get

into this part you just turn off that


that looks so so cool I’m really diggin

the finish on these things look at that

it has a nice tactile feel to it I’m

doing DJ I like that finish over like

that where you can plug in your game

your gaming pad your microphone your

headphone jacks okay this little thing

here so you know make it so it doesn’t

really move less slide proof if you will

and here we go we have some more things

on top over here if we want to put it

out wait are those those LAN cables

that’s good okay that’s some interesting

you got some that’s a little bit of

ports over here actually I’m pretty I’m

pretty impressed by that and I knock it

this plastic backing that would be

embarrassing no wouldn’t you do this on

purpose okay there we go I got it back

on there and even can see you could

switch the modes here from PlayStation

Xbox one Xbox 360 PC and Mac everyone’s

using oh here we go we have some Dolby

Digital ports there aux and stream out

so if you want to use this thing if you

want to be streaming this is something

that you could be using with it too to

control because it is a mixer and that’s

pretty cool and that’s how I guess why

it’s sold separately so you can change

the preset surround sound mode that’s

really cool I’m really diggin that the

audio controller there and next of

course we’re going to want whatever

additional accessories there are here to

set everything up of course cables

cables i you know what i got a maternal

beach great presentation on these things

fantastic I absolutely love the boxing

that you guys did for these things to

joy to unbox that’s for sure so if you

guys pick one up for yourselves you’re

gonna fun taking it out – oh my goodness

silica pack don’t eat these guys okay we

got some instructions in there – yeah

QuickStart guide will probably read

those later but we’ve got all the cables

that you’re probably gonna need for it

tells you auxiliary stream – Xbox one

chat cable nicely labeled – yeah power

USB mini cable because they’re not going

to just power on its own they need some

sort of external power programming cable

I’m not sure maybe if there needs to be

any firmware upgrades in the future you


and last but not least the digital

optical cable in case your system is

using that and here we go folks with the

conclusion of the video these are three

different things that you have to

purchase separately but in today’s video

we unbox the tactical audio controller

and kind of everything that you can

control from this device over here

they’re also separately so be aware of

that and here are the actual turtlebeach

elite pro headphones themselves I’m

gonna give you guys a full review later

on after trying them for a while and

here’s the additional noise cancelling

microphone just a heads up this one does

come with its own microphone but it’s

not necessarily as good as noise

cancelling as the one that is indeed

sold separately so if you guys enjoy

this video be sure to press that thumbs

up button and if you’d like to see us

unbox cool things just like this be sure

to hit that subscribe button as well and

as always thank you guys very much for

watching today’s video

I really really appreciate it I’ll catch

you guys in the next one so


4. Asus ROG Centurion 7.1


Asus ROG Centurion 7.1


Okay, I hadn’t included any super pricey headsets yet for a reason – even the Artcis Pros are fairly affordably by high-quality headset standards.

However, it’s time to bring out the heavy-hitters, so here we are.

The Asus ROG Centurion 7.1 headphones is a truly high-tech headset, and it’s got all the marks to prove it.

With 10 drivers and 7.1 channels, this thing is a beast.

It’s bulky, true, but features some of the best passthrough and surround sound you’ll find in a headset, and that’s saying something.

If you aren’t afraid to splurge and want something truly impressive to game with, you can pick up the ROG Centurion’s here.

Check Price


Video Transcript

what everybody welcome to will you text

so today’s review is going to be off the

aces rogue Centurion gaming hates it

it’s a true 7.1 hate it so I’m pretty

excited but firstly I just want to thank

a citizen of Africa for sending me

innovated to do tribute I really

appreciate all support and also A to Z

sending me to one of their overclocking

event this Friday so stay tuned for a

video about that but anyway they start

with the review firstly inside the box

along with the Centurion you get the

sound station a USB cable to power the

sound station an HDMI to speaker adapter

a pair of additional cloth ear cups a

VIP warranty notice paper and a Quick

Start Guide and something that is a use

plus is the included headphone stand

which is always welcome the journey is

made out of plastic with rubberized

coating which gives it a nice feeling

texture the plastic feels extremely

strong and is able to bend to fit your

head size the embed has a elastic band

inside which is able to stretch to sit

comfortably on top of your head headband

also has something there pad to improve

on that comfort I have to say I really

like the stitched rog logo on the top of

the headband it looks pretty cool to me

the outside of the ear cuffs has a

glossy cover which does attract finger

prints very easily but you do get the

aura GI on each ear cup which can

illuminate the raid you also have a

silver and bronze cover with some mine

inspired graphics now the ear cups are

able to bend inwards a bit but it’s

mostly for when it’s on the headphone

stand or on your desk you can’t fold it

inwards pin it on your neck because the

ear cups are just too big but what can

you expect having five drivers in each

ear cup the ear cups padding however is

able to adjust a bit

to come free sit on your ears now for

padding you can either use the leather

or cloth ear cups whichever is more

comfortable for you

the leather padding is nice and soft but

it is a bit shallow so your ected does

touch the inside of the driver cover

this is usually something that you

really irritates me but because there is

so much space inside the ear cups it

doesn’t really feel that my ear is

pushing against it instead it’s just

leaning against the side but we’ll get

into how it actually sounds a bit later

when it’s accompanied by the audio

station the next we have the

unidirectional digital microphone which

is one of the best designs I have seen

the mic is able to fold up and down but

when it’s folded up you can’t really see

it because of how perfectly it blends

into the side of the ear count the mic

itself has a rubber design which feels

extremely strong and let you bend it

almost any way you want so you won’t

have any trouble positioning your mic

but I’ll get into the sound quality a

bit later because the sound station has

a super cool feature that accompanies

the mic now the thick braided cable of

the Centurion is 1.5 meters or 4.9 feet

long and has an HDMI connection at the

front yes it uses HDMI to deliver the

sound this is kind of crazy to see that

a headset uses HDMI but it’s the best

way to deliver the true 7.1 surround

sound without having a lot of individual

cables so the HDMI connection then goes

into the badass-looking sound station

which has a USB port for power and

additional HDMI port for your 7.1

speaker surround so now looking at the

audio station you can again see the mind

inspired graphics which is on the three

legs and then the two dolls on top and

at the front side of the audio station

the front dial lets you choose which

setting you would like to adjust then

the top dial let’s you increase or

decrease at certain settings the side

rear center and front settings lets you

adjust the loudness of the sounds coming

from those directions the sub setting is

just to increase or decrease the bass

while the main setting is to control the

overall volume then the law 3 settings

is mic lighting and spectrum mark

settings lets you adjust the volume of

your microphone while lighting settings

lets you adjust the lighting effect of

the illuminated logo on the sides of the

ear cups

and then spectrum is for some gaming

preset settings that will help you out

in game to get the best possible

enhanced audio experience you are able

to mute or turn off any of these

settings by just pressing down on the

dialog then you also get four buttons

which will enable your 7.1 the headphone

amplification muting the mic and

switching from headphone to speakers so

the rock sonic studio software that you

are able to download for my sisterís

website will let you adjust a lot of

settings that you can get on the sound

station but you do have some additional

settings like your EQ based pewds

compressor noise gate perfect voice and

reverb you are also able to say profiles

for all your audio needs then something

extra you can add is a CSUN sonic radar

Pro plugin this adds a circle on your

screen which tells you where the sound

is coming from so addition to hearing

all around you you can now also see all

around you I’m not sure how a lot of pro

gamers will feel about this but you can

just remove it if you don’t like it

let’s check out the mic quality but the

first thing I want to show you guys is

the E in C that ace is added into the

audio station the ent picks up all the

room noise and then when you speak into

the mic it removes 90% of that

background noise this really makes a big

difference so you really quickly with

and without the e NC on

okay so this is the Centurions

microphone with all the settings off so

you do have the voice clarity the noise

gate and perfect voice which does

enhance the audio quality but with this

audio clip is just everything is going

to be off just to get the basic sound

out of it so there is a lot of

background noise you can hear that and

it still is a headset microphone so you

don’t really get that clear voice it is

a bit on the muffled side but otherwise

it’s not too bad so this quickly hear

what it sounds like with a few of the

effects applied again then on this

settings which I think sounds the best

The Voice clarity is on 60 percent the

noise head is on minus 60 DB s and then

perfect voice is on 20 percent so this

actually it sounds you do get the

background noise again but I think it’s

going to be a based on you’re going to

get out of microphone now is it

Centurion worth with hefty price tag and

should you buy it I would say yes but in

a way if you’re just a basic guy like me

who enjoys playing games but don’t

really care about any competitive games

then I don’t think this is actually for

you but also that’s not who I think is

targeting you they’re going to offer the

true competitive players that wants that

bit of an edge above their opponents and

they would certainly get that age unknown

27.1 does sounds really awesome you can

hear everything around you and the

quality is extremely good you have a

very good all-round frequency response

and just such a clear sound combining

that with the sound stations and you

just get an even more powerful sounding

hey take this interior is also able to

push out a lot of sound without a hands

of distortion you really do feel

immersed in your game when using this

interior and then combining all that

with the handy audio station you have

full control over everything you

but this ensuring is not without its

faults firstly and the thing that

bothered me the most was a thick cable I

know there’s a lot of cables running

inside it and it can’t really be helped

it’s just something that I didn’t really

like and then the audio station supports

when everything is plugged Amy you have

no way of hiding the cables and because

the cables are so they can’t really bend

them that much if the ports were at the

back it would have been a bit easier to

hide all the cables and then lastly I

would just like a bit more padding on

the ear cups to prevent my ears from

touching the insides or just by adding a

bit of foam over the drivers cover would

have also helped a lot but all in all

this insurance is an amazing headset and

I would definitely recommend it to any

heavy competitive players who want an

edge over the other players and that’s

it for my review of the Isis Rock

Centurion 27.1 gaming hit said I hope

you guys enjoyed it if you did please

like share comment comment like always

also please go check out aces of

Africa’s Facebook page and Instagram

channel they do post a lot of stuff

there and again I just want to thank hsf

Africa for sending me beta to do this

review I really appreciate it and if you

are looking to buy the headset I’ll

leave links in the description below for

you to go check out and if you have a

request for any other videos you said

you know it’s down in the comments as

well but anyway thanks for watching guys

and I’ll see you guys next up just guys


5. Astro A50 Wireless


ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset


The Astro A50 Wireless headset features a mid-high range price, but with it you get utility.

This Astro Gaming A50 features Dolby surround sound, works with every type of gaming device, and most importantly, is the first wireless headset on this list.

Now to some, a wireless headset is sacrilege, and there’s no doubt that you do sacrifice a bit of sound quality.

But in exchange, you get the ability to move freely, game while listening to a podcast, get up, and still be listening to that same podcast while in another room as you make yourself food.

In short, although it won’t provide you with sound quality that will win you a tournament, if you just want something that’s great for both gaming and life in general, the A50 is a fantastic choice.

In my opinion, this Astro headset can be the best wireless gaming headset you can buy in 2018. You can pick up this headset here.

Check Price



Video Transcript

by an unlocked Intel fourth gen core i7

or Core i5 processor and get a free copy

of Rome 2 total war click now to learn

more welcome to the first in a series of

wireless gaming headset reviews we are

actually gonna have the H wireless and

the Vengeance 2100 coming soon but this

my friends is the Astro a 50 gaming

headset now I’ve been asked a lot of

times to cover Astro products but as a

member of the so called glorious PC

gaming master race I actually thought

that they were a small niche brand until

I went to PAX Prime and they were

absolutely everywhere I mean like

everyone was using these headphones ok

so i smartened up and promptly went to

see astro asked them to hit me with

their best shot so to speak and the guy

pushed me whereupon I quickly clarified

that I meant for him to send me a

headset after the show and here we are

one headset and once or gutt later now

let’s go ahead and open this baby up

they actually sent over the a 50

wireless headset which is their a

premium top-of-the-line headset and it

happens to be the battlefield 4 Edition

so it comes a little stuck don’t return

this to the store contact Astro toward

support as well as a QuickStart guide

that you probably won’t need that

because it was pretty easy for me to set

up anyway and then we also find the

headset itself the mix amp TX which is

their base station right here the

wireless transmitter and then another

piece of plastic let’s remove their

packaging is excellent really like this

then underneath that we find an Xbox

chat cable we find a USB charging cable

as well as another USB charging cable

this is cool because you can actually

run one cable to the base station and

then it has a pass-through for charging

so the base station can actually sit on

the is included headphone stand and then

charge your headset from there so I’m

just go ahead and pop that out and of

course there’s a spit F audio cable so

it’s an optical audio cable under there

as well now construction and looks of

the headset itself with some metal in

the construction actually these posts

right here and a softer foam than the

Vengeance 2100 s that they

nice soft cloth covering the material

quality feels better than average

especially for a gaming headset they are

a little bit on the heavy side but

that’s probably the sturdy metal posts

that are used for the size adjustments

the ID of the industrial design I feel

strikes a fantastic balance between

gamer II looking and pro grade with a

mostly black color scheme with a couple

of tasteful orange accents I mean I

don’t know about you guys but I’d feel

pretty silly spending three hundred

dollars on something that looks like a

toy for 12 year old so I think that this

was a great way to go even though it is

a you know bf4 edition like I don’t mind

getting a couple in-game items with my

purchase and a bit of a different color

scheme but I don’t want game branding

plastered all over it either like we’ve

seen with some Logitech peripherals in

the past in terms of general features

they weigh in at 360 grams or so they

are PC Mac Xbox Playstation phone AV

system whatever compatible you can plug

in anything with an optical out or an

auxilary out into them as well as USB

and it has they have an integrated non

user replaceable battery which is

comparable to the Vengeance 2100 s but I

don’t feel is as strong as SteelSeries

this swappable battery system on the H

wireless and I think that’s pretty much

it for my little feature list in terms

of comfort they were not comfortable to

me at first they have very little

clamping pressure even out of the box so

there’s not really much break-in and I

found them quite difficult to wear I

found that they were like falling off my

head until I tweaked the headband size a

little bit tighter than I would normally

like to do and then they were very solid

now the a 50s headband gets away with

the required tightness for a couple of

reasons so number one is it has a very

soft foam and number two even more

importantly this flexible little piece

right here it’s really smart because

even if your ears aren’t quite aligned

on your head like mine aren’t you are

able to clamp it a fair bit tighter and

it adjusts to your head it’s actually

quite nice and now that I know how to

use it properly I give them a definite

you know gold star of appreciation for

comfort the material on the ear cups

doesn’t really feel like anything

chill on the ears but the foam inside is

a nice medium softness feels like a

memory foam nice low retraction so

combined with the very very soft

material here but I mean like I said it

doesn’t feel like leather or anything it

just feels like a really nice soft

material they are definitely good enough

out of the box and should even break in

even nicer in the long term they are

noticeably heavier than the Vengeance

2100 s and the SteelSeries H Wireless

but particularly compared to the 2100 s

I find that because the weight is

sitting in closer to your head I don’t

get as much a shake even when I move my

head quite quickly now their website has

some nonsense about wearing them around

your neck or over your head but I just I

gotta call them out on that because

they’re gonna slip right off of of me

and I have a medium-sized head and

they’re basically like they’re hanging

off your ears at that point that’s like

saying you could wear your hoodie

backwards you could but you won’t

alright let’s move on to the range test

for my range test I did five different

locations I stayed within the same room

so that’s about 10 foot max I went down

to the other side of the wall but still

quite close I went down a hallway I went

down to the stair landing which is like

15 feet away and the wall I went down to

the bathroom downstairs and finally I

went down to the basement with the base

station itself installed in my office

connected to my laptop so this was

performed about the same as the

Vengeance 2100 for our range test

maximum volume of the Astra way 50s

these can easily get uncomfortably loud

there is no shortage of amplification

going on here so unlike the H Wireless

which actually didn’t get like painfully

loud for me these ones you can drive

them as high as you want to go however

unlike both the H Wireless and the

Vengeance 2100 they don’t seem to have

any kind of limiter to prevent over

driving the speakers and introducing

Distortion the 850 s just let you go as

high as you want even though it’ll sound

like completely like ass once you get to

a certain level but don’t worry about

that guys the distortion doesn’t come in

until long after most people would be

extremely uncomfortable in terms of

noise isolation I’d say they’re about

average for a closed back headphone the

cloth ear cut

are going to resist a sweat more than

something like a faux leather but what

they also do is they leak sound more

than a faux leather wood so you know

whether you like isolation or whether

you don’t is up to you but I’d say

they’re about average for closed-back

which is generally more isolation now

let’s move on to the listening tests all

of these tests were performed using the

onboard DAC so I wasn’t actually using

the analog in and a separate DAC this

gives us the best apples to apples

comparison for the way most people are

gonna use these and we use them on a PC

for sound quality I would say it is

adequate it’s really nothing special

especially at three hundred dollars and

especially compared to the better

SteelSeries age wireless with that said

while the usual synth at gaming headsets

commit which is the overdone boomy bass

at the expense of other parts of the

listening experience isn’t nearly as bad

as some other game hit gaming headsets

notably the razer kraken Forge which is

also $300 there is definitely some

looseness and Boo meanness to the bass

and some details in the mids are lost

even with the balanced EQ setting in

fact to the point where the mids were

kind of hard to evaluate there they’re I

mean they’re good enough that I can hear

everything clearly it’s not like the

dialogue in a movie or a male vocalist

in a song is going to be completely

impossible to hear but they are obscured

somewhat by the lows highs on the other

hand are clear which is expected you got

to hear them footsteps if you’re gonna

market something as a gaming headset so

the a 50s definitely don’t disappoint

there I guess that’s most of what I have

to say for for a list of subjective

listening tests but I feel like it’s

important to mention that when we’re

comparing $300.00 wireless gaming

headsets against what else you can buy

for $300 we have to be fair so I could

say yeah for $200 you could get wired

audiophile grade headphones that’ll blow

the doors off of these are really the

other ones in this roundup as well but

it’s because I don’t really have any

experience with audiophile grade

wireless headphones I can’t really speak

to whether they’re a great value against

$300 audiophile wireless headphones so

all I can really do is compare these

three against each other

talk about it that way so first up for

double the price of a Corsair Vengeance

2100 you’re getting more bass certainly

you are missing out on some of the

details in the mids but you are also

getting the included stand you are

getting varied configurable inputs and

you’re getting console compatibility

which is sort of a big deal the 2100 is

PC only oh well Mac only as well but you

have to have a USB port that like you

know drivers and stuff you’re also

getting more premium feeling materials

compared to the 2100 and you’re getting

the handy dandy controls on the right

ear cup that let you change your EQ

profiles so there’s three different

presets you can adjust the mix between

chat volume and game volume on the fly

just by pressing these buttons right

here that’s a very nifty little feature

and but you are paying twice as much for

it compared to the SteelSeries age

Wireless which costs the same you are

getting much stronger like more sound in

that very low frequency range but other

than that they are quite feature

comparable and the H Wireless is do

sound are well rounded leave overall

better I mean for me personally that

trade-off of more Rumble is not worth it

but if you want your ears to tickle and

you want to feel it when an explosion

goes off then I guess these would be the

ones to do it for you

the last thing this is this is something

I’ll let you guys kind of listen to for

a moment this is my microphone test with

the Astro a-50 wireless microphone I

hope you guys enjoyed it so that was my

microphone test I don’t think I have to

tell you how good the microphone is on

the a 50 s I consider it to be a

courtesy thing to have a microphone that

is not offensive for your teammates to

listen to and this one really doesn’t

qualify for me I mean data compression

in online chat applications will level

the playing field a little bit because

even a good source won’t sound that

great but starting with a better source

does still help a lot and these are by

far the worst performing microphone in

the round I also don’t really like boom

mic mics compared to retractable ones

the ideal position for a headset

microphone is in the corner of your

mouth and I find that but you know what

the boom mic it’s like other you know

what do I do I bend it here first so

that I can try and get it in the right

spot I find them hard to adjust to get

in exactly the right spot so they end up

in front of your mouth a lot

the position lock see you can see it

actually locks into position and the

automatic mute that goes along with this

boom mic though is actually not not a

terrible implementation so I think

that’s pretty much it for the astroid

50s like this video if you liked it

dislike it if you disliked it leave a

comment and let me know who you think is

going to be the big winner of this

roundup I think I’ve probably given a

fair number of hints already but

regardless let me know what you think

and as always guys don’t forget to

subscribe – tech tips for more unboxings

reviews and other computer videos


6. Beyerdynamic Custom Game


beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game Interactive Gaming Headset


This headset is a feature of yet another notable brand in the gaming world, Beyerdynamic.

Although you definitely pay more for the brand, just as you would with a Turtle Beach headset, the Custom Game headset is an excellent piece of hardware.

Although the sound profile on this beauty is fantastic, what’s perhaps most impressive is just how comfortable this headset is to wear.

Once you put this on, it’s unlikely you’ll want to take it off, making the Custom Game a great headset for marathon gaming and listening sessions.

You can pick up this headset here.

Check Price



Video Transcript

beyerdynamic knows how important

communication is especially for gamers

recently they’ve released the custom

game headset is there room for a hi-fi

audio company in the sphere of gaming

stick with us and we’ll find out


so who is it for and what’s inside

obviously it’s for gamers and as the

name implies its customizable and thanks

to the plush ear pads it can be worn for

hours at a time with or without glasses

the headphones facilitate a distinct

sense of spatial awareness and have a

removable cardioid boom light the

package includes a point eight meter Y

extension cable six ear cup covers a 1.6

meter cable with the flexible cardioid

mic and integrated remote control when

you buy the beyerdynamic custom game

you’re getting two products in one I

found myself frequently listening to

music through the headset just for

enjoyment as opposed to my brother’s old

turtle beach headset which I would never

use beyond being verbally humbled on

Xbox Live physically the forth yokes

rotate providing an ideal fit for any

gamer and contrary to their size and

weight these are supe greenly

comfortable speaking of which all of the

plush padding is removable

thus replaceable that also includes the

ear cup plates the inline remote houses

a mute switch a volume dial and on the

opposite side a multi-function button

which allows you to access and Virtual

Assistants which is really nice alright

so moving along here how do these bass

reflex slider vent things work exactly

well just like the custom one integrated

adjustable sound sliders reveal or

conceal a series of three of bass reflex

vents as the position numbers ascend so

does the bass emphasis switching

directly from completely open to closed

creates a distinct contrast and sound

but gradual transitions are harder to

differentiate for tournaments with

plenty of background noise the first

position which is referred to as light

bass is ideal it keeps all of those

ports closed which attenuates

ambient noise so that

interrupts your ability to hear the

ingame sound to get a full description

of the adjustments make sure to check

out our in-depth review we’ve got the

differentiations and the specs all in

there for you

alright so regarding connectivity the

cable terminates in a standard 3.5

millimeter jack and yes that means you

can plug it directly into your DualShock

4 controller gaming desktop or anything

else with a 3.5 millimeter input atop

the cable is a flexible cardioid boom

microphone which is the best mic that

i’ve ever tested on a pair of headphones

now the cardioid form is really his are

really nice because it allows for

variability in placement it’s really

forgiving so if you have it a little too

close or a little too far it’s still

going to catch the appropriate amount of

noise for the most part all right so the

biodynamic custom game is more than just

a gaming headset as I’ve already said it

actually sounds really good and that

sound safe is just damn Casey Abrams a

robot lovers takes a full advantage of

recording across the XY and z axes and

the headphones exploit this mastering to

the fullest in the song it sounds like

the incoming cowbell is placed precisely

halfway between the drums and my ear

this specificity wasn’t recreated by

other headphones

relatedly anyone who plays FPS games

knows that spatial awareness is key for

a successful KD ratio it’s imperative

for users to hear and identify where an

enemy is approaching from to defuse an

impending attack if you’re still dubious

about that bass reflex system well don’t

know more it does a fabulous job

cancelling out ambient noise plus

listeners with variable hearing can

place different position settings on

each ear cup to accommodate for those

harder to hear frequencies it may seem

odd that a hi-fi audio company is

entering the gaming sphere but the bass

reflex system is super effective and a

novel idea

also since biodynamic has been in the

audio manufacturing production

game for a while now they have a lot from

experience with producing a fine sound

and that isn’t lost on the custom game

headset now again it is expensive but to

see a company push their limits like

this and really put the user first by

allowing for every part to be

replaceable and this is a headset that

we can really get behind even for a $200

price tag alright so that wraps up our

review of the beyerdynamic custom game

headset if you liked what you saw hit

that like button down below and if you

really liked it hit that subscribe

button now if you want to keep up with

us on a more regular basis subscribe to

our newsletter or follow us on social

media we have Facebook Instagram Twitter

and the like if you have any questions

or concerns make sure to comment below

again I’ve been Lily cats with sound

guys and thanks for watching until next

time happy listening


7. Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset


Corsair HS50 - Stereo Gaming Headset


Let’s be honest, not everyone wants to spend over a hundred dollars on headphones just so they can play games.

For those of you who want high sound quality but don’t have the budget to spare for some of the other options on this list, the Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset might just be the headset for you.

It’s got great sound for the price, and the only annoyance is that the detachable mic can be a bit easy to lose.

It won’t blow you away, but it more than gets the job done, and at the end of the day that’s really what matters.

It is the best budget gaming headset among the list here.

You can pick up the HS50 headset here.

Check Price


Video Transcript

a decent gaming headset will offer great

audio quality a comfortable design and a

reliable microphone and this new gaming

headset from Corsair captures all three

key aspects all for under $50 hey guys

it’s tom here from the product lab and

in this video we’re going to be taking a

look at the new corsair HS 50 and seeing

how it compares to similar priced

headsets and whether it’s really worth

all the hype as well as exploring some

important details you may not know about

the headset so be sure to watch till the

end so you don’t miss anything if you

are interested in the most updated

pricing on the HS 50 check out the links

in the description down below we also

keep the description up-to-date with

additional information and helpful links

and tips you’re likely to be interested

in so be sure to check out that

description but without further delay

let’s get into the video the first thing

you’ll notice about the HS 50 is that it

doesn’t really look like a budget

headset in my opinion it has to look and

feel more of a mid-range priced headset

similar to that of turtlebeach and the

corsair void pro headsets visually you

can make your own opinion but personally

I think it looks kind of sweet to ensure

durability a high quality metal internal

headband and aluminum yokes provide

exceptional strength the sturdy yet

lightweight design features slim profile

oval ear cups with all your controls and

internal memory foam on the outside

accent stitching is on the headband real

metal grills and concealed audio wiring

is in the yokes you get the idea these

are just some of the many details that

make the HS 50 stereo look as good as it


putting this on you definitely can feel

the stability versus headsets like the

HyperX stinger it has a much stronger

and more premium build and feel to it

which I really appreciate

playing around with it it seems to be

able to stand a decent beating and

bounce back to its original shape and

feel like nothing happened

so if you drop the headset it’ll likely

be good to go it’s also decently

adjustable and it should fit most

people’s heads so whether you have a hat

on or you just have a lot of hair it

adjusts well to fit the person wearing

it the HS 50 stereo uses form-fitting

memory fill material for the ear cups

and headband to provide outstanding

long-term wearability at just 319 grams

it’s lightweight design means you can

wear this headset for hours on end

without it becoming uncomfortable which

some marathon gamers will be happy to

hear the HS 50 stereo also emphasizes

custom tuned 50 millimeter neodymium

drivers for full range stereo

performance oval shaped ear cups further

enhance noise isolation and audio

a fully detachable noise cancelling

microphone provides easy a just ability

and lets you take your headset on the go

while this cord certification ensures

crystal-clear voice quality game audio

was solid but what you might expect from

a more budget option testing against the

SteelSeries arctas 5 I find it didn’t

quite pick up as much detail so things

such as footsteps in-game hearing voices

in the distance and other fine details

were not quite as clear if you’re a

casual gamer or play basically anything

except a first-person shooter this won’t

make much of a difference for you but

for someone who’s looking to play a game

like Call of Duty with it you might find

it better to go a bit more expensive and

up for the SteelSeries overall with

regards to audio at the $50 price point

it definitely provides a decently

immersive experience the audio is clear

and the surround sound is pretty good

the HS 50 stereo also includes a 3.5

millimeter analog connector allowing

multi-platform compatibility with PC

PlayStation 4 Xbox one and intend to

switch and mobile devices

overall the corsair HS 50 stereo is a

strong option for anyone looking for

something under the $50 price range it

compares favorably in a lot of ways to

my favorite current budget option the

HyperX stinger however I do believe the

stinger does have better audio quality

however with regards to build and

comfort combined with a decent audio

quality a lot of people might look to

this headset to be their go-to choice

alright that is all for this video guys

if you liked it please be sure to give

it a like if you’re new to the channel

consider subscribing we do all kinds of

videos like this all aimed at providing

the best information possible to help

people make better and more informed

purchasing decisions be sure to check

out the links and the description down

below anyway hope you guys enjoy the

video hope everyone has a great day and

until next time I’ll see you guys later



And there you have it folks! My top 7 best gaming headset options for gamers, both pros and casuals alike.

From wired, top of the line production quality gear to, to the best wireless gaming headset on the market, to budget headsets, when it comes to esports gaming equipment this list has it all, so I hope you found it both informative and worthwhile of your time.

If you did, consider dropping us a comment!

Do you have a gaming headset?

If so, which one?

We’d love to hear from you!


Other Gaming Headset you can consider:


1.Hyperx Cloud 2


2.turtle beach stealth 700


3.Sennheiser GSP 300



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Xim 4 vs Xim Apex [Which One Better]

Share This:


Xim Apex vs Xim4


Xim4 vs Xim Apex, which one is the best for you?

Xim Apex



Xim 4


For those who play games on console, you must be at one point feel uncomfortable playing shooting game by using the console controller or joystick.

You prefer playing FPS games with a keyboard and mouse.

The Xim, a company produce advanced gaming input adapters.

The 2 products they currently available are the Xim 4 and Xim Apex.

So below are there videos talking about Xim Apax and Xim 4.


Xim Apex Price

Check Price



Video Transcript

all righty ladies and gentlemen so here

we are finally finally look at this

we got the apex just came in the well

like I said so let’s see what it has

inside but it looks oh it’s gonna be a

very small thing you guys can read this

if you want to sorry the microphones in

the way but yeah let’s get ready and

open it and get setup with it let’s do


still one hand opening not over here


there you go let’s see what we got here

okay this is just a little get started

with the apex type of thing and this

right here ladies and gentlemen this is

look at this this thing is small this

thing is way smaller it’s completely

small compared to the to the sim for it

this right here is M for you got the D

apex which is this little small thing

and now this one dude look at that dude

it’s way smaller of course the only

thing that sticks out as this chord but

wow this thing is way smaller thing all

right let’s go ahead and set this thing

up and you know what what is it for

I’m doing giveaway on this once we reach

let’s see a thousand subscribers I’ll do

a giveaway on this thing so yeah let’s

get to the setup on this thing all right

so first things first of course you’re

gonna want to connect this little thing

to this one so let’s get that connected

and from here you’re gonna want to

connect it to your Xbox either front

port or the back part I usually make you

use the back part but for this video

purpose I’ll put it right here in the

front for the front port USB we have a

connected so now we’re gonna connect it

right over here

I know that’s power now as you can see

here it has to how many three little

things really know that that’s this one

this one and this one this one is for

the mouse keyboard and for your

controller okay I suggest you get a

small cable for this one just a little

like four five inch that way you won’t

have long cable but of course you’re

gonna have the long cable for this one

so let’s get that set introducing

introducing first we have my four sir

I’m 65 Pro the mossy Mouse I really

deeply recommend it it’s 12 K dpi I mean

of course if you’re a person who loves

higher dpi then you know terrifying

stuff you higher let’s connect this to

the first one

all right now boom here we go let’s get

into power see that gave it power right

there now let’s connect the keyboard

well the keypad in my case because I

have the Razer Tetris chroma like that

one right here in the middle all right

don’t worry right now I’m just gonna

bunch all this up just because you know

video purpose so I can keep it short and


now last but not least is of course your

controller you’re gonna end up

connecting your controller to this thing

like I said I recommend you get a small

one I just have one that you know it’s a

very old long one and my wife’s won’t

let me connect this one and get going

all right once you have that connected

of course now you’re completely set up

and ready to go you have your mouse

yeah your keypad or a keyboard whichever

one you want like you can use a keyboard

have a keypad your controller well Tara

one that does turn out to be a scuff

just to you know that you guys know Oh

for the headsets I know you guys want to

have been asking me about how is it that

I can talk to the chat or to my party

when using my headsets thing is I have

the the 850 s dash shows a fifties third

gen and these are really really good I

recommend them they’re they’re really

solid I like them they’re so comfy

these things are detachable real quick

you can attach them and

main thing about it is that of course

it’s wireless so I don’t have to worry

about connecting it right here

underneath of my controller for those of

you that have a wired headset you’re

gonna have to connect it here first and

then you can be able to talk to your

party otherwise you won’t be able to

alrighty so yeah I mean that’s pretty

much it for this video I mean the apex

is finally here I’m gonna test it out

and now hopefully being able to bring

you a video comparison video compared

with this one and our old buddy

the Zim 4 try to do a comparison video

on that you know besides the size I mean

also in-game see how it works in game

but that is it for this video guys

hopefully you guys did enjoy I love you

guys god loves you guys jesus loves you

guys and I will talk to y’all tomorrow

or whenever I decide to do this for you

catch you guys on the next one

take care peace


Video Transcript

how’s it going everyone reckless Yuki

here and welcome to my unscripted raw

product review of these m4 if you don’t

know what this is this is a gaming

peripheral that allowed to use a mouse

and keyboard on the Xbox one PlayStation

4 PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 it is a

phenomenal device I do love this very

much especially for anyone who is

interested in using a mouse and keyboard

on a console so if you’re coming from

the PC world and you’re jumping over the

consoles for some reason this will allow

you to use your favorite mouse and

keyboard something you’re comfortable

and used to using if you don’t want to

get used to using the analog sticks and

quite frankly the mouse and keyboard

offers way superior control then a

controller can and I’ll kind of get into

that as far as my thoughts on this and

the legitimacy of using this with

console gaming while you’re playing

online I think that my viewpoint of this

has changed over the years so we’ll kind

of get into that and like I said this is

kind of raw unscripted so I’m just

basically shooting from the hip making

sure I get every detail that I can and

towards the end of the video we’re going

to go over some demonstrations as far as

me playing a game we’ll have we’ll move

the camera up here over to my shoulder

and we’ll see exactly my inputs towards

the game when I actually play so that

should be pretty fun now

my experience with the sim is about

three years ago when I was searching

around for the best products to use to

accelerate my gaming to make me not suck

as bad as I used to and I came across

the sim and back then it was a sim 3

that allowed to use mouse keyboard with

the Xbox 360 and it was a fantastic

product a lot more expensive than this

this is just going to come in about 120

hundred twenty-five dollars from the

site don’t get this from Amazon because

it’s going to be some guy who’s going to

try to rip you off definitely get it

directly from Zim and the link to them

will be in the description below as well

so 120 dollars to use your favorite

mouse and keyboard and if you’re

thinking that’s a lot of money well if

you’re in the market for a gaming

peripheral to make you better

then you’re not it’s not going to be

cheap because I can kind of go on about

scuff controllers which I do have two from

them these are for the Xbox one the

PlayStation 4 as well as had I had a

couple for the Xbox 360 and those don’t

run cheap either like the cheapest price

that if you get one of these for is like

125 dollars but then you have to start

adding the add-ons to get the extra

features like if you want four buttons

if you want them to remove the rumble

pads if you want to make sure you

these awesome dome sticks and the grip

in the back it could easily run up to

about $200 so $200 for four systems will

easily get up to $800 to have a scuf

controller for all four or you can spend

the money on a sim and then you’ll have

a hundred and twenty dollars invest in

this and if uses your favorite gaming

and a gaming mouse and keyboard to

utilize the potential of this and the

potential of the consoles to have the

best control when you’re playing those

first shooters so as far as the price I

think the sim 4 if you have multiple

consoles like me is definitely the

smartest way to go and then as far as

the legalities or the I guess uh you

know is it morally acceptable to play

with a mouse and keyboard on console

three years ago I didn’t feel it was I

felt it was kind of shaky I felt might

be unfair to those who don’t have a

mouse and keyboard mainly because I was

kind of starting out my channel and I

wanted to just you know do everything

legit so I did play with a regular

controller and keyboard I was able to do

it really well but thanks to the people

at scuff gaming who you know made it

okay to have these you know fancy modify

controllers these are not you know stock

controllers these are definitely

modified that gives a player an

advantage with these buttons to allow

yourself to jump a knife and do all

these great of these things without ever

taking your thumb off the analog stick

you know having this does that give does

definitely give you an advantage over

players who use just a regular stock

controller but because these guys really

kind of push hard in the industry to

make these acceptable at tournaments

such as any gaming tournament out there

that uses that basically allows you to

use this Cup controller which all of

them do because this is just widely

accepted because this is an acceptable

device I feel that a mouse and keyboard

are also an acceptable vice basically

with this you know back paddles you’re

basically getting the same thing if

you’re using something like a G 13 where

it has an analog sticks that you could

use to actually use move around your

person and then you have all these

buttons here to kind of initiate

whatever move you want without ever

taking your hand off the mouse which is

basically how you look around so you

have infinite amounts of control with

the G 13 and

and I feel that that is just a step up

above a scuf controller now you don’t

necessarily need that to get really good

control you have like excellent control

this but what I really like about the

sim is with the g13 you’re able to

really you know you can map everything

out exactly how you want so if you’re

jumping from the Xbox one to the

PlayStation 4 you don’t need to worry

about your analog stick being in a

different position and you don’t need to

worry about the key bindings in the back

being different you can have it exactly

the same for however you want and so

when you’re jumping between consoles the

only thing they’ll be different is when

you load it up and you know your friends

list and possibly maybe the graphics too

due to the potential hardware

performance differences of the system so

I think that because the stuff using the

mouse and keyboard is a legitimate

device to use and you know I would be

surprised if it doesn’t become you know

somewhat of the norm in the future if

we’re using anna tournaments now it

probably won’t be accepted because a lot

of people are going to be naysayers on

the mouse and keyboard saying that it’s

cheating but really a scuf controller is

cheating if you want to get into it as

far as giving you the advantage over

other players who do not use a scuf

controller and then as far as the mouse

the mouse is just phenomenal like you

can’t get the precision from a analog

stick as well or as easily as you can

with a mouse the mouse I feel is just a

really over exaggerated over hyper

control freak basically because with all

my controllers like because the analog

stick is just so small a little like I

can’t really control the sensitivity

that I need to be able to be competitive

to kind of you know like is basically

get on target as fast as I can with this

stock analog sick now there’s some

people that are able to but I’m not one

of them and I use a control freak like

again this isn’t something that came

with a controller and if you’re using

this you’re giving yourself an advantage

over others because it allows you to

control your aim easier than someone who

does not have a control freak and once

you get used to it going back to just

using a controller is really difficult

so instead of using a control freak the

mouse is basically like the control

freak so thanks to the innovations of

the guys over at scuff and at control

freaks I feel that

now it’s more acceptable to use a mouse

keyboard and that’s what I’m going to

start doing is kind of making the

push-to-start using the zoom when I do

game on consoles mainly because I have

my console set up and then I’ll have my

gaming PC back together pretty soon as

you see in the back there those are some

of my parts I’m waiting for my

motherboard to come back so I could

reassemble it and get back into the PC

gaming but for now I’ll just be sticking

with the Xbox one a Playstation 4 until

I do get that back but so that that’s

kind of like my argument to those who

say that you know using a mouse a

keyboard is not acceptable I think that

it most definitely is things to scuffing

atrophic so I’m going to get off of that

subject because I think I beat I pretty

much beat it down pretty severely so

anyways let’s move along to what this

can do now this isn’t like the best

device you could possibly have I mean

like it is the best one on the market no

one can match the zim I know that

there’s some products out there that

been around for a while and some people

who are trying to get into it like the

cronusmax and this other thing that I

can’t remember what is called I know

that new wake or I think nzi T or

whatever they they did a video on it but

the zip has no input lag and it’s just a

phenomenal device and what they do is

every time a game comes out they edit it

or they remap it to allow you to have

the proper deadzone calibration so it’s

not like this device does the same thing

for all games you basically have to have

the correct profile installed onto it to

play the specific game so you actually

get the correct feel so I mean there’s

they do a lot of hard work over at this

and making sure that it’s calibrated for

each game for each console so that’s

just kind of the dedication it takes as

n does to make sure that the product is

number one and in order to control these

in and as far as your profiles on that

you need to Android device to use it or

you can hook it up to your PC to do with

that but um I purchased a really crappy

cheap Kyocera event for thirty dollars

just to have Android device that’s

capable of doing this it has to be

updated to a certain Android I can’t

remember what the minimums were but it

definitely does have to have Bluetooth

so Bluetooth is a requirement it has to

be up to a certain level of the Android

OS in order to use the AH in order to

use the application

in order to control your Zim for so the

application I’m using is called the Zim

manager and it’s not connected yet

because it needs to be powered on – in

order for it to work and I’ll show you

that I’ll show you guys that in a little

bit and then kind of the basics of this

but I really like this this is a lot

easier than the Zim 3 was when I first

used it was getting used to it and you

have like just a ton of options to kind

of set up profiles and it’s really easy

to use with the device now this device

is kind of the touchscreen doesn’t work

all the time and it kind of is a little

bit cumbersome to make sure you get

things set correctly but if you have a

nice or Android phone then this will

just be absolutely like you won’t even

be bothered by it but if you don’t have

an Android phone if you have an iPhone

like me and you just need something

cheap the Kyocera event is definitely

way to go you don’t need to order a plan

just like get the Virgin Mobile phone

and then just don’t ever set up with

Virgin Mobile just use the phone as just

a basically a small tablet is what I did

so I think that’s about it as far as

going over the specs and what you can do

and just my thoughts on this I think

what we should do now is I’m going to

actually let’s uh let’s just show you

guys how to set it up real quick so it’s

just as you see on the back here there’s

like little ports there’s USB ports here

and then a USB port here that a mini USB

port and then a button this is what you

use to sync it up and do things but what

we’re going to do is this mini USB port

is going to go hook up to the console

this port here is going to be hooked up

to the controller because basically is

going to connect to the controller and

tell the console like hey I’m just a

regular Xbox one PlayStation 4

controller and then that’s how the

controller accepts the inputs from this

and then the these two are going to be

for your mouse and keyboard so I believe

the mouse goes on this side and number

one and then the keyboard will go on

this side so that’s basically how to set

it up and you know when you’re using the

mouse a keyboard is not exactly the same

as using it on PC with a PC you’re

basically like free to set it up to the

DPI of your choice you can like spin it

as fast as you want if you really are

able to control it but with the zim

you’re only able to go as much as the

game on the console allows you to do so

when you place the game on the maximum

settings for sensitivity for looking


you’re only able to go as fast with the

mouse as you are able to turn with the

analog stick so when you’re having on

mashing you’re turning the analog stick

to the left even though it is pretty

fast but that’s the maximum you could

turn so if you try to like move the

mouse faster than you’re able to the

analog stick it won’t register it like

it won’t it won’t exceed the

capabilities of the controller is

another thing I should mention when

talking about the sim 4 so I think

that’s about it I talked about

everything I need to NIST and I’m just

going to go ahead and plug this up

then I’ll show you guys the little

Android device and kind of show you guys

a menu and then we’ll get into a game to

kind of show how it looks and I’ll

change the camera up over here right so

I’ll see you back after the transition

all right welcome back from the

transition I hooked it up and I turned

on my console so now my phone will be

able to hook up with it so I’ll just

show you here I don’t have any fancy

device to capture the screen on the

Android phones is just really cheap but

hopefully this will be good enough so

you see go open and open up your answer

device it will be a program called Zim

manager you’re going to have to download

this from their actual website I’ll see

if I could try to get the link to and

put in the description below and

basically just click that and then

you’ll be presented with the screen to

connect the same you connect you have to

do this prior in the Bluetooth menus to

connect it to it but then once it’s

connected just basically hit connect and

you see it goes up to the screen and

right now it’s set at the default of

Call of Duty ghosts you hit the menu

button and then you hit load once you

already set up the game that you want

and then you hit you know whichever game

you’re playing so now we’re going to be

going into some call duty events warfare

for the Xbox one and already set

everything up so we don’t need to really

go into that but it’s pretty

self-explanatory as far as how you set

things up all right and one thing you

need to make sure you do when you’re

trying to use this yet is you have to go

into the in-game settings and turn the

sensitivity for your aiming all the way

up or else it’s just not going to feel

right so that’s basic set up and now I’m

going to you know after this next

transition we’re going to change the

camera to this and you I’ll just show

you guys a game play and it should be

good so stick around after the

transition all right welcome back from

that last transition as you see we have

some gameplay on the main screen and up

at the top left corner you see my hands

and this is the mouse and keyboard and

we’re going to pick this class for some

hardcore Kill Confirmed and what seemed

like a pretty quick transition to you

guys is actually a whole day last night

I had to cut the video short or at least

my recording time to be able to go pick

up the Leopard dog which is lilikoi

little brother oh there you go and as

you see like I move the mouse left and

right and the character moves left to

right there shouldn’t be any lag if

there is any lag that that’s because I

didn’t sync the video properly but there

is no lag caught in it or is that guy

let’s kill him and the aiming is just

superb okay so let’s go back this way

and you see with this class I’m just

running a gunning and with the mouse I

could like turn on people so fast

basically never have to really worry

about it I feel pretty good about

playing this game with this okay so no

one’s there Oh someone’s there aw damn

it how do you see him just seem through

the glass what we got him back that’s

all right there we go

we’ve taken the advantage over here

goddammit heels waiting for me put this

Russian none of this camping build crap

just keep running nice hope that they

don’t try and come after me

bring the UAV above see take any comms

that way no ok Scott that guy ready for

deployment and let’s get a system hack

going because it’s the most annoying

kill streak ever I love doing it to

people I can only imagine their

frustration growing when I do this ok so

that kinda mini map saw that guy on the

mini-map ah dammit let’s spray spray

wasn’t working I should aim down but I

think Harold’s Russian and left-right

pretty pretty good friendly UAV above

okay I’m sure where these guys are at

see no one’s around there go on around

here I’m not gonna get those guys with

my SMG oh damn it behind me

sumbitch see if I get this guy up here


oh damn it oh wait that was a friendly –

motherfucker friendly on my team

shooting me oh Ken whatever people are

idiots in this game say it’s okay

Majin care package oh I saw that guy’s

soft left I couldn’t turn down him in


yeah if you have your stupid tank thing

I don’t care

nope online friend the UAV above where

are these guys there’s one Oh guys just

sitting in the corner all right let’s go

get him he even come and get the tag

oh no he’s singing it on the other

corner motherfucker

he just outplayed me let’s see there we


stupid corner camping girl nice so as

you see that’s the Zim

with how I play pretty simple and see

how well I was able to do I got the

final killcam so that’s cool for me and

if they alright there you go so 2809

rushing like an idiot with my own

teammates killing me and girls camping

in the corner so that’s the kind of

gameplay that’s pretty easy to do with a

Zim as long as you’re not you know you

don’t have like a big TV you’re able to

play on the gaming monitor then you

actually have quick response times and

you’ll be able to do really well at the

at any first-person shooter really the

precision of this is just fantastic so

that’s my review guys that was the

gameplay just kind of showing you guys

how it works and what it looks like as

far as my inputs and what I’m able to do

on the screen so hopefully you guys

enjoy I’m going to wrap it up now and

hopefully really soon I’ll be able to

not use my laptop anymore and get my

actual gaming computer going so stay

tuned for that and yeah so if you liked

the video thumbs it up if you thought it

sucked thumbs it up or thumbs it down

and I have yourselves go and talk to you

guys in the next video right but bye


*if you are a ps4 player, I wrote an article talking about the alternative ps4 controller.


Difference between xim4 and Xim Apex

Source: Xim Community

As you can see, Xim Apex has more option for the response (latency) modes, 1, 2, 4, or 8ms.

It is using Bluetooth LE means its low energy consumption compared to the Xim 4.

Is Xim Apex better than Xim4?

Xim Apex did a lot some improvement from its previous version Xim4, as you can see the comparison chart above, Xim Apex almost improve every aspect of its functionality and its spec.


Check Xim Apex Price



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