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Gifts For PC Gamer Boyfriend [Or Husband]

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Your PC gamer boyfriend’s (or gamer husband) birthday is coming, or your anniversary is happening, but you have no idea what gift you can present to your lover.

You think your head out and still cannot find a good present to make your boyfriend WOW.

So don’t worry, I got your back, I list down these few tips that give you an idea what you can consider to present gifts for pc gamers.

There got thousand of ideas for the gamer, but here I only focus on talking about the gift that could be suitable for you PC Gamer boyfriend.

Not console, not Nintendo, not Mobile phone game but PC (MASTER RACE) gamer boyfriend.

Before that, I need to state a warning; not everyone has the same taste, your boyfriend might not be interested in the tips I introduce.

But that ok, I am here to give you an idea and inspiration, after that, it is you to decide what item you are going to buy for him.


Make your PC gamer boyfriend comfortable

Playing a video game is an enjoyable thing to him, if make him playing the video game in the relaxed environment, it can bring even more enjoyable.

1. Gaming Keyboard

Not ordinary keyboard, but a gaming keyboard.

Some company produces keyboards that specific to the pc gaming.

Like the Razer Inc

Gaming keyboards often have a variety of programmable keys, meaning it has some additional button that can customize for gaming usage.

The touch and also feel different from the standard keyboard.



Suitable for: Playing those game rely on the keyboard frequently.

Not Suitable for: Seldom use keyboard gamer boyfriend, gaming keyboard can be expensive sometimes.


2. Gaming Mouse

Like the gaming keyboard, gaming mouse got the additional button for a gamer to configure it and use it on some of the game.

When playing the video game, sometimes left, the middle and right click buttons is not enough.

Choosing a gaming mouse can be tricky, learn how to choose a suitable gaming mouse for him.




Suitable for: Playing those game rely on the mouse frequently.

Not Suitable for: Seldom use a mouse to play games.


3. Gaming Backpack

If your boyfriend using a gaming laptop to play a video game, then a backpack that can protect his computer when he goes outside is an excellent choice for his gift.

Suitable for: If your boyfriend has a laptop

Not Suitable for: If he doesn’t have a laptop, but still can own a gaming backpack for other use anyway.


gaming bag


Take care of their health (Awesome and lovely gift)

Playing video game in a long time can hurt your boyfriend body, so don’t forget to take care of their health while he is playing the video game.

Luckily, there got the products that to support him.


4. Gaming Chair

If you are working in an office, you know it very suffering when sitting in the office for a very long time, same case when playing the video game.

Gaming chairs are built to support the gamer back while sitting.

It also comfortable to sit and the design often look cool, your boyfriend is going to love it.

It could be the best gifts for a gamer boyfriend.


gaming chair


Suitable for: Often play the video game in a long time.

Not Suitable for: Gaming chair normally quite expensive then ordinary chair, but it also depend on the brand.


5. Gaming Glasses

Staring at the monitor can hurt their eye.

You can buy him gaming glasses for eye protection.

It usually has the blue light filter, anti-glare and anti eyestrain, to make his eye feel better and less tire.

gaming glasses

Suitable for: If he wants to take care his eyes

Not Suitable for: Boyfriend witch is already wearing a glasses, you might need to find an add-on glasses which is specially made for glasses user.

Enhance his gaming experience.

6. Gaming WiFi Router

What the worst nightmare for a PC gamer when they play the online game?


Unless he is using ethernet port to connect wired network hardware, or else need to rely on the WI-FI.

Buying a gaming Wifi route can increase the internet connect quality.

Of course, the internet still needs t to depend on the internet package you subscribe.


gaming wifi router



Suitable for: Have a good internet but own a lousy wi-fi router

Not Suitable for: Don’t have a decent internet speed.


7. Xbox Controller

Xbox controller can be the joystick for a computer.

Some PC gamer enjoys playing the video game with the joystick.


xbox one controller

Suitable for: –

Not Suitable for: –


Buy a game for him


8. Steam Card

Afraid he will not like the game you buy for him, why not just buy him a Steam gift card, so he can buy any game he wants.


steam gift card

Suitable for: –

Not Suitable for: –


Choose a special gift for your PC gamer boyfriend.

In the end, it only you are the person know more about him than me,

hope these tips can help you.


Good luck and all the best.

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