How to Become a Video Game Tester

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Video By : AmiYoshiko

Video Transcript:


what is up everybody I AmiYoshiko.

you should go welcome to my channel or welcome back to my channel.

so after posting selfies of me at the PlayStation headquarters. freaking gaming and having a damn old tap.

a lot of you guys were saying hey well what are you doing. and I’m like game tested.

and a lot of you guys asked how do you do it.

so this video is going to be me talking about how I got into game testing.

explaining way so that you too can become a game tester.

let’s get started point.

you do not need to be a pro gamer at anything to become a game tester.

you don’t have to be in eSports you don’t have to be on any comp teams.


for some reason a lot of people think you need to be like a pro gamer to be a freaking game tester.

no you don’t before I talk about how to actually get in let’s talk about what our qualifications for a game tester.

there is a lot of corporate which means it goes through the game companies itself such as Blizzard.


Square Enix.

all of those you can become game testing straight through that.

or there are a lot of middlemen who work on the DLCs and those they try to look for people.

and for most qualifications they want you to at least be 18 or older.

just so they can have you do em for mature ratings it’s just easier.

maybe some people hiring will not worry if you’re not 18. but just in general it is a lot easier paperwork wise pay wise yes you do get paid.

but yeah one qualification most you should be over 18.

but for corporate high business most of them do require you to have some sort of college.

not necessarily in gaming or engineering or anything. most will just ask if you at least have an associate’s degree.

I have an associate’s degree.

and just like regular jobs they kind of just see can you be given a task.

and complete it.

another requirement they would like you to have is to just be a strong litter you’re very literate person.

you got to be able to explain details and be able to explain precisely and detailed if there are bugs or other things you see in the game.

luckily English was my strongest subject but don’t worry about it for the most part.

but they just want someone who can’t explain in words what they’re seeing as they go through a game.

and of course another requirement is for you to at least have basic knowledge or little more higher basic knowledge of the game systems and the games.

for unique hours a week do I play what do I use do I use community do I use the streaming. or do I just play the games.

do I play online or do I just play by myself.

all of these questions they will ask you and would want you to answer.

no like no hardware knowledge but they just want you to have basic knowledge on how a PlayStation Xbox or PC works.

and last but certainly not least they just want you to be passionate about gaming and the industry.

they don’t want anyone just calling hitting them up being hey I just want to play video games and just get paid and nothing else.

they want someone who loves video games doesn’t mind literally sitting there nine-to-five they want you to be able to sit there for eight hours and just play.

and be able to pay attention you just have to love video games.

they want you to not be bothered if you have to come for the next five days and play nine to five you probably one of the hardships is you have to be willing to be able to sit there 9:00 to 5:00 and just play.

I know it I know at first it does sound heck of fun like when I did it I was like holy five straight days eight hours a day of just playing games.

but it does take a toll on you so you just have to make sure you love it and you have the stamina for.

let’s talk about how all y’all can get starting game tester.

and I just don’t work with one company I have worked with several companies.

but the number one way even if you don’t have an associates or any experience the best way is Craigslist.

and I know that may seem like really sketchy like oh really Craigslist.

okay one don’t use any websites that make you pay and all that no.

but through Craigslist I’ve got an experience to test out crunchyroll.

an app for crunchyroll.

I was invited to go down there and test out an app and that was through Craigslist.

you have to think about it this way a lot of the times companies don’t want to hire someone as a position like the corporate games who want a part-time game tester where they come for weeks.

some companies just want you to test out something really quick.

just get some different opinions and then move on with their job. so that’s why Craigslist is the perfect place.

the easiest for these companies to just find quick people to just test.

but using Craigslist I was able to get an opportunity for crunchyroll to test an app.

I was able to go to the Play TV headquarters and was able to test their new app which is a streaming app similar to twitch.

and you know they want gamers they want people to help out.

and a lot of indie gamers actually use Craigslist. obviously NDA non-disclosure but you know a lot of indie games well look at Craigslist to be like yo can you come and just test out our game.

give us opinions let us know if you see any bugs.

you know they’re all dealing with the game enough as it is they would rather hire someone even sometimes not even for money sometimes companies will just be like I will give you a $75 gift card for Amazon come and test my game.

I’ve also been able to go work at vgm gaming.

which is also where I got information to do the playstation headquarters play test.

don’t make just make sure you don’t have to enter your credit card anywhere and it’s also normal if you go on a sigh and there’s just a link to a Google Doc.

so those are probably the easiest sometimes it seems really sketchy.

crunchy roll most of these companies have used the Google Docs information because it’s really easy to just enter your name phone number your experience all of that.

and how I do it is I just go on Craigslist and I go to gigs and I just write gaming.

next search video gaming next search beta testing next search game testing. and you will be surprised how many there is actually out there but also if there’s like 50 of the same posts those obviously are probably a scam.

but that’s why I have to make sure to pay attention I usually pay very close attention and if you can tell it’s a real person typing this being we need you and we’re gonna pay you very minimal.

it’s probably very true another way to get into game testing which kind of seems obvious is to just to be a video gaming youtuber or blogger.

when I was at PlayStation HQ even working at gaming events that I’ve done even when I’ve been promo modeling with.

a lot of them actually get very interested when they find out that I stream and I do YouTube they don’t even care that you don’t have millions of views they just care that you do this and you do it to the public so you have a probably general idea of what you’re doing when you’re playing games.

or like a blogger who you know reviews games they were very interested in that.

even at PlayStation HQ they were even actually oh you do YouTube do you like vlog and review games and I was saying how I’m getting started and you know they were interested in that.

so obviously they call you back they trust that. they want to see that okay this person will know what they’re looking for.

when they’re testing our game. if you’re a video game vlogger youtuber and you review games you couldn’t get opportunities if you connect with the right people.

which is good you know to go to like the game convention like PlayStation experience III all of that networking is also very very good as well.

one of my friends her sister got married to somebody who actually worked at a company who did video games and they were actually able to get them into gaming just because oh you play games. yeah we need to give this thing all the time come on.

they do need people a lot of people are like oh they probably don’t need anyone like they do they always want new people cuz they’re catering to our market.

and the last tip on becoming a video game tester just apply for the companies themselves. like I mentioned in the beginning you could apply to Blizzard Square Enix Atlas.

they literally have it on the career section on how to be a quality assurance slash game tester.

but as stated these are the ones that they want you to have at least some college experience.

but for these a lot of them do want you to have some software experience about the consoles Xbox PC PlayStation and they do want you to be 18 or older because a lot of these is a actual part-time job position.

a lot of these that I do are kind of just like when they need someone for a game they’ll call me. they do want you to have strong reading writing and spelling skill from my experience you know they want you to type out something that’s maybe really tedious.

getting to a point and they ask you what is tedious about this.

they ask you every mission every site quest do you like the site quest.

if yes why.

if you don’t why.

and they ask you difficulty level anything you found really enjoyable or really epic. they want you to be able to explain it and explain it well.

so that they can read it and then they could decide on perhaps changing things or just knowing the overall impression they’re gonna be when this goes so the market.

you know a lot of these do want you to be local as well for example Atlas and Square Enix all these are located down in SoCal playstation HQ is in San Mateo they have a San Mateo location which is where I go to for stuns.

Blizzard all these companies do have a career section where if you have the experience or the dedication or you have something to show for example your blog. you can apply directly to be a video game tester.

hello this is my cousin say hello and that is it for my video on how to become a game tester. if you have any questions comments concerns any other details you want to know about becoming a game tester definitely leave it down in the comments below. and I will answer them as soon as I can.

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