How To Get Good At Shooting Games

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How To Get Good At Shooting Games
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Want to get good at shooting games?


No matter from the classic FPS games like Doom, CS: GO, or PUBG, the shooting games mechanics or the control are not much difference, but one problem, you kind of suck at playing the shooting games.

Shooting game, or usually what we call first person shooter or third person shooting.

So you are here because you want some tip to improve your shooting skill.

Good news I am a fan of FPS game, and after a decade of the gameplay experience, I gather a set of tips that can improve your shooting skill and make the experience more fun.

The tips that I have for you not only apply to PC gamers, it also for the console player like PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


1.Stop Panic

The first step to being good at shooting games, stop panic.

Yes, seriously, stop the panic, this is the first things you need to overcome.

So often when the enemy or other player jump out all of a sudden in front our view, and we get to freak out, then we didn’t shoot accurately.

Then the next thing is you respawn back to your base; it sucks right.

Be steady, pay attention to every detail, even the sound of your enemy movement, do not fear.

Remember, it just a game, you are not going to die if you lose.

So enjoy.


2.Use The Right Equipment

Not necessary a super high tech gaming focus mouse like Razer, but a mouse that you comfortable to hold, anywhere around 1000 DPI will do the trick.


For your information, if you don’t know what DPI, DPI means dots per inch, it affects your mouse sensitivity, some experience gamer is very careful to the quantity of dpi of the mouse they use.

It not only for mouse, but other things like keyboard and monitor can also help you improve your shooting experience.

Same goes with console player especially PS4 player, if you not comfortable with the original controller you have, you can check it out my other article alternative controller for the PlayStation 4.


3.Sit Properly

This applies to everyday life, not only when gaming, sit in the wrong position can hurt your back.

And that way the gaming chair exists.


4.Mouse sensitivity

Many games have the option of adjusting your mouse sensitivity because different people have the distinct sense of mouse speed.

So make sure config your mouse sensitivity to suit your need before starting the game.



practice makes perfect.

If you didn’t practice hard enough, even the world best kung fu master teaching you kung fu, you won’t be able to be a kung fu elite.

Same goes for playing a game, to become good at shooting games you need to put more time and effect to play.

So these are the tips I gave to you to make you good at the shooting game.

Hope you learn something and get better at playing shooting games.

If you have other tips for improving our skill in the shooting game, feel free to comment down below.

Enjoy your video game and happy hunting.

Here are the other tips for improving your shooting game skill

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