How To Start A Gaming YouTube Channel

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Video By: Andy Ino


Video Transcript:


hey what is up guys Andy Ino YouTube video.

and in this video I’m going to be giving you what I believe are the top three tips and starting a successful gaming YouTube channel.

so stick around. or get this video started off.

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now on with the video.


1. Video quality


the first tip I believe into having a successful gaming youtube channel is to have excellent video quality.

that when YouTube wasn’t so big having a video on 360 P was acceptable.

but now 360 P doesn’t matter right because we’re up to sixteen thousand P.


number four ill uploading the highest quality is a necessity.

if you don’t have such a great computer you may have to purchase something called a capture card.

what a capture card allows you to do is record gameplay and even your screen without causing your computer to lag at all.

you simply plug it in and start recording onto it saving you the lag and gaining you the quality that you need.


2. Sound quality


the second most important tip into creating a successful gaming youtube channel is to have good sound quality.

this is something that many gaming youtubers all sort of simply because they think that since they upload video games mainly and their voice doesn’t matter as much.


having good sound quality is what attracts viewers into wanting to listen and watch more.

I personally find it pleasing when I can hear someone’s voice very clearly when I’m watching Youtube video.

simply because it’s not heard enough you get a nice microphone that is excellent sound quality for around 50 dollars. which is actually the exact same microphone which from what I’m talking from now.

which just shows that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have excellent sound quality for your videos.

so why not invest in it.


3. Video Editing Software


the last but certainly not the least most important tip in creating a successful gaming channel is your editing software.

and how much you edit your videos. the quality of your videos can definitely rely on the amount of editing you put for.

it you really don’t want to upload a video that hasn’t been edited at all because adding music transitions overlays and trimming out certain parts makes the video a lot more professional.

you don’t have to go out and spend 600 dollars on Sony Vegas Pro.

honestly Windows Movie Maker was my first editing software when I first started YouTube and I enjoyed it so much just because of its simplicity and how it was a great start for me.

and it should be a great start for anybody that the new gaming youtuber.

all in all these three points I believe are the key to starting a successful gaming YouTube channel.

having the best video and audio quality possible along with editing your videos extensively should certainly kick your channel in the gear for becoming a growing YouTube channel.

several of you messaged me asking me to do a video on how to start a gaming channel so here you go guys.

thank you so much for watching don’t forget to Like subscribe and leave a comment down below even if you just want to say hey I’ll have another video up next week so I’ll see you guys next time.

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