Do Video Games Make You Lazy?

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Do you think the video game make you lazy?

For me, the short answer is “it depends on you.”

Some people can play the video game all day and get things done.

In my opinion, as a gamer who play games since young, you become lazy cannot entirely blame on the video gaming.

There got a lot of factors to affect your productivity.

But people often think it is the video game make their kid become lazy and do not want to do their homework or something.

Yes, they are not wrong at all, but there some misconception or misunderstanding between the laziness and video game.


The Attraction of Video Game

To make more sale, video game creators and publisher are going to figure it out how to make the game more attractive.

The gameplay, the game story the graphic are more attractive than real life, so that way when the player stops the game, and back to real life and feel demotivated.

When you demotivated, you feel like do not want to do anything, which makes you look like a lazy person.

But as I said, some people can play the video game in a lot of time but still manage to get their life together, get things that are supposed to be done.

It sometimes all about your willpower.


Escape The Reality

Let change the perspective; some people are not lazy because of the video game, they are lazy so that they play the video game to escape the reality.

When you don’t like to do you work, you will find a way to kill time; video game can be the excellent option.

In a nutshell,

If you fundamental a lazy person, anything can make you lazy not the only video game.

Playing a video game cannot directly make you lazy, in fact, it helps you train your brain.

But keep in mind, like any other activities, too addictive to video game also not good for your health. You need to balance your life and video game.


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