What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Playing Video Games [3 Bonus Tips to Improve Quality Play Time]

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Like any other hobbies, playing video games also have their advantages and disadvantages.

But it can be just the matter of the perspective of the society and your discipline.

Before I dive into talking about the pros and cons of playing video games, I assume you already know the “Video game” is, unless you just recently come out from the cave.

Just in case, if you still not quite understand the term “Video Game”, here got a great explanation from Mr. Wikipedia.




Video game in short descript:

” an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device such as a TV screen or computer monitor.” – WIKIPEDIA

The reason of video game can become the ninth form of art it because it’s existing is become the big moving gear and move even further in the entertainment industry.

*the nine form of art: architecture(first), sculpture(second), painting(third), dance(fourth), music(fifth), poetry(sixth), cinema(seventh), television(eighth), Video game(ninth)

Because of the video game, it makes a lot of exciting things happen.

Until now it can become a topic for sport( e-sport) or a career, back in the 80’s, 90’s and even 00’s people still not expect to play the video game can pay your bill.

So with great power comes great responsibility, video game become a hot topic for people to discuss the influence on the society.

Of course, some people think video games are terrible for health, but some disagree.

They are not all wrong, or all correct, they got their own opinion.

So I am here to break down what are the advantage and disadvantage of playing the video game.



What are the cons and pros

I am a gamer myself, but I admit that the video game is not a perfect thing.

Like other hobbies or activities, if you cannot control the relationship between the video game and you, it going to make no good for your life and career(or your education).

So let’s be fair, below where I am going to talk about the good, the bad and the tips for video gaming.


super nintendo


The disadvantage of playing video game


1. Addiction

Can’t deny, with great technology come great video game idea and gameplay, and even the storytelling of a video game can compete with the Oscar winner film standard.

With such intend entertainment, it brings out the exciting experience to you from your boring life.

That way it can be addictive for you.

When becoming addicted, it going to affect your other life and activities.

It could be a serious issue.


2. Negative effects for you and the social

Violate could be the primary reason many people want to ban it or restrict it.

The difference for the violate from the movies or any other films, in the video game you are participating with it, so sometimes ( not always) it has more impact or influence on your emotion.

Ok, I know some of you might think “if GTA makes you violate, then why Sim city didn’t make you a City planner?” vice versa.

Don’t worry; I am on your side.

Yes, video game somehow affects you but it also comes with a lot of factors to make you violate, cannot put all blame on the video game.


3. Attention problem

Compare to real life; the video game has more potential to create your fantasy, in the video game, you are a hero who tries to save the world.

With the immerse experience, you will feel numbness when dealing with your life(I mean the real life).

And that why you got the attention problem.

The issue not only happens to children it also occurs in the adult.





The advantage of playing video game

Enough for the disadvantages of playing video game, now is on the good side.


1. Release Stress

Playing video game can reduce your stress.

“In a 2014 study at University College in London, researchers surveyed 491 subjects and found a correlation between the total number of hours spent playing games (primarily first-person shooters and action games) per week, and overall recovery from work-related stress that day.”

You can read the whole article here.

It can be fun if you enjoy, if you enjoy, then you have a good time at that moment then it useful for your emotion.

Overall it all about the relax, put away any real work and stand inside the virtual world and have fun.




2. Improves attention and concentration

It kind of a contradiction with the point that I talk about in the disadvantages of playing video game section.

But it very depends, some game machinic are build to let the player focus on the mission, pay attention to the quest from the video game.

For example, when you play counter strike the classic FPS game, you need to stay alert when competing with other player or else you are going to lose.

It just like playing football, video game, in this case is nothing different.


3. Improves problem-solving skills

Mostly video game is built to be the challenging or solving problem; you need to think about how to finish the quest or task and go to the next level.

In this process, it trains your brain to be more good at solving the puzzle, and it is a handy skill in the society.



Things to remember when playing video game (The Tips)

Ok, from above I already state about both disadvantage and advantage of play video game.

Knowing the pros and cons of playing video game are not enough.

I am here to make sure you can also learn how to improve your video game quality life.


1. Control Play Time

Do not let yourself stick on the monitor for too long, It also not good for your eyes, take a rest after a while, do some exercise, go outside and breath some fresh air.

I know this is very obvious tips(who don’t know, duh!), but here comes the problem, if our willpower not strong enough, it going to make us lose track of time in playing video game.

So the easiest solution to avoid overtime playing games is set a timer.

You can use your smartphone or alarm clock to set the time.

For me, I usually set my time limit in one to two hours, that enough fun time for me to play games in a day.


2. Play together

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”, I do not know who quoted this, but this quote applies in video gaming as well.

Sometimes play video gaming alone feel isolate, why don’t invite friends or family to play together.

There got a lot of games that are suitable for playing together.

Pick a game, invite your friends to prepare some snack and soda, turn on your PlayStation and call it a day.


3. Know your Interest

Nobody is more understand you than yourself

You know what type of game are you interested.

Even thought Darksoul is famous, but you will suffer from playing it if you are not those challenger people.

So take time to search and ask yourself what game you prefer to.


If you want to learn more to balance your video game and life, you can check it out this article.

Playing video game, what are your opinions.

There still a lot more tips for you when I don’t want to be very overwhelming, so I pause here.

In the end, the video games not a bad thing at all, it can be the excellent medium to relax, but it can also be harmful to your health and even life if you are addicted to it.

Just don’t let the tragedy happen, like this.

Remember to control your habit of playing the video game.managment.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have other more useful tips and trick.

Hope you enjoy these tips and happy “video gaming.”

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