Xim 4 vs Xim Apex [Which One Better]

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Xim Apex vs Xim4


Xim4 vs Xim Apex, which one is the best for you?

Xim Apex



Xim 4


For those who play games on console, you must be at one point feel uncomfortable playing shooting game by using the console controller or joystick.

You prefer playing FPS games with a keyboard and mouse.

The Xim, a company produce advanced gaming input adapters.

The 2 products they currently available are the Xim 4 and Xim Apex.

So below are there videos talking about Xim Apax and Xim 4.


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Video Transcript

all righty ladies and gentlemen so here

we are finally finally look at this

we got the apex just came in the well

like I said so let’s see what it has

inside but it looks oh it’s gonna be a

very small thing you guys can read this

if you want to sorry the microphones in

the way but yeah let’s get ready and

open it and get setup with it let’s do


still one hand opening not over here


there you go let’s see what we got here

okay this is just a little get started

with the apex type of thing and this

right here ladies and gentlemen this is

look at this this thing is small this

thing is way smaller it’s completely

small compared to the to the sim for it

this right here is M for you got the D

apex which is this little small thing

and now this one dude look at that dude

it’s way smaller of course the only

thing that sticks out as this chord but

wow this thing is way smaller thing all

right let’s go ahead and set this thing

up and you know what what is it for

I’m doing giveaway on this once we reach

let’s see a thousand subscribers I’ll do

a giveaway on this thing so yeah let’s

get to the setup on this thing all right

so first things first of course you’re

gonna want to connect this little thing

to this one so let’s get that connected

and from here you’re gonna want to

connect it to your Xbox either front

port or the back part I usually make you

use the back part but for this video

purpose I’ll put it right here in the

front for the front port USB we have a

connected so now we’re gonna connect it

right over here

I know that’s power now as you can see

here it has to how many three little

things really know that that’s this one

this one and this one this one is for

the mouse keyboard and for your

controller okay I suggest you get a

small cable for this one just a little

like four five inch that way you won’t

have long cable but of course you’re

gonna have the long cable for this one

so let’s get that set introducing

introducing first we have my four sir

I’m 65 Pro the mossy Mouse I really

deeply recommend it it’s 12 K dpi I mean

of course if you’re a person who loves

higher dpi then you know terrifying

stuff you higher let’s connect this to

the first one

all right now boom here we go let’s get

into power see that gave it power right

there now let’s connect the keyboard

well the keypad in my case because I

have the Razer Tetris chroma like that

one right here in the middle all right

don’t worry right now I’m just gonna

bunch all this up just because you know

video purpose so I can keep it short and


now last but not least is of course your

controller you’re gonna end up

connecting your controller to this thing

like I said I recommend you get a small

one I just have one that you know it’s a

very old long one and my wife’s won’t

let me connect this one and get going

all right once you have that connected

of course now you’re completely set up

and ready to go you have your mouse

yeah your keypad or a keyboard whichever

one you want like you can use a keyboard

have a keypad your controller well Tara

one that does turn out to be a scuff

just to you know that you guys know Oh

for the headsets I know you guys want to

have been asking me about how is it that

I can talk to the chat or to my party

when using my headsets thing is I have

the the 850 s dash shows a fifties third

gen and these are really really good I

recommend them they’re they’re really

solid I like them they’re so comfy

these things are detachable real quick

you can attach them and

main thing about it is that of course

it’s wireless so I don’t have to worry

about connecting it right here

underneath of my controller for those of

you that have a wired headset you’re

gonna have to connect it here first and

then you can be able to talk to your

party otherwise you won’t be able to

alrighty so yeah I mean that’s pretty

much it for this video I mean the apex

is finally here I’m gonna test it out

and now hopefully being able to bring

you a video comparison video compared

with this one and our old buddy

the Zim 4 try to do a comparison video

on that you know besides the size I mean

also in-game see how it works in game

but that is it for this video guys

hopefully you guys did enjoy I love you

guys god loves you guys jesus loves you

guys and I will talk to y’all tomorrow

or whenever I decide to do this for you

catch you guys on the next one

take care peace


Video Transcript

how’s it going everyone reckless Yuki

here and welcome to my unscripted raw

product review of these m4 if you don’t

know what this is this is a gaming

peripheral that allowed to use a mouse

and keyboard on the Xbox one PlayStation

4 PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 it is a

phenomenal device I do love this very

much especially for anyone who is

interested in using a mouse and keyboard

on a console so if you’re coming from

the PC world and you’re jumping over the

consoles for some reason this will allow

you to use your favorite mouse and

keyboard something you’re comfortable

and used to using if you don’t want to

get used to using the analog sticks and

quite frankly the mouse and keyboard

offers way superior control then a

controller can and I’ll kind of get into

that as far as my thoughts on this and

the legitimacy of using this with

console gaming while you’re playing

online I think that my viewpoint of this

has changed over the years so we’ll kind

of get into that and like I said this is

kind of raw unscripted so I’m just

basically shooting from the hip making

sure I get every detail that I can and

towards the end of the video we’re going

to go over some demonstrations as far as

me playing a game we’ll have we’ll move

the camera up here over to my shoulder

and we’ll see exactly my inputs towards

the game when I actually play so that

should be pretty fun now

my experience with the sim is about

three years ago when I was searching

around for the best products to use to

accelerate my gaming to make me not suck

as bad as I used to and I came across

the sim and back then it was a sim 3

that allowed to use mouse keyboard with

the Xbox 360 and it was a fantastic

product a lot more expensive than this

this is just going to come in about 120

hundred twenty-five dollars from the

site don’t get this from Amazon because

it’s going to be some guy who’s going to

try to rip you off definitely get it

directly from Zim and the link to them

will be in the description below as well

so 120 dollars to use your favorite

mouse and keyboard and if you’re

thinking that’s a lot of money well if

you’re in the market for a gaming

peripheral to make you better

then you’re not it’s not going to be

cheap because I can kind of go on about

scuff controllers which I do have two from

them these are for the Xbox one the

PlayStation 4 as well as had I had a

couple for the Xbox 360 and those don’t

run cheap either like the cheapest price

that if you get one of these for is like

125 dollars but then you have to start

adding the add-ons to get the extra

features like if you want four buttons

if you want them to remove the rumble

pads if you want to make sure you

these awesome dome sticks and the grip

in the back it could easily run up to

about $200 so $200 for four systems will

easily get up to $800 to have a scuf

controller for all four or you can spend

the money on a sim and then you’ll have

a hundred and twenty dollars invest in

this and if uses your favorite gaming

and a gaming mouse and keyboard to

utilize the potential of this and the

potential of the consoles to have the

best control when you’re playing those

first shooters so as far as the price I

think the sim 4 if you have multiple

consoles like me is definitely the

smartest way to go and then as far as

the legalities or the I guess uh you

know is it morally acceptable to play

with a mouse and keyboard on console

three years ago I didn’t feel it was I

felt it was kind of shaky I felt might

be unfair to those who don’t have a

mouse and keyboard mainly because I was

kind of starting out my channel and I

wanted to just you know do everything

legit so I did play with a regular

controller and keyboard I was able to do

it really well but thanks to the people

at scuff gaming who you know made it

okay to have these you know fancy modify

controllers these are not you know stock

controllers these are definitely

modified that gives a player an

advantage with these buttons to allow

yourself to jump a knife and do all

these great of these things without ever

taking your thumb off the analog stick

you know having this does that give does

definitely give you an advantage over

players who use just a regular stock

controller but because these guys really

kind of push hard in the industry to

make these acceptable at tournaments

such as any gaming tournament out there

that uses that basically allows you to

use this Cup controller which all of

them do because this is just widely

accepted because this is an acceptable

device I feel that a mouse and keyboard

are also an acceptable vice basically

with this you know back paddles you’re

basically getting the same thing if

you’re using something like a G 13 where

it has an analog sticks that you could

use to actually use move around your

person and then you have all these

buttons here to kind of initiate

whatever move you want without ever

taking your hand off the mouse which is

basically how you look around so you

have infinite amounts of control with

the G 13 and

and I feel that that is just a step up

above a scuf controller now you don’t

necessarily need that to get really good

control you have like excellent control

this but what I really like about the

sim is with the g13 you’re able to

really you know you can map everything

out exactly how you want so if you’re

jumping from the Xbox one to the

PlayStation 4 you don’t need to worry

about your analog stick being in a

different position and you don’t need to

worry about the key bindings in the back

being different you can have it exactly

the same for however you want and so

when you’re jumping between consoles the

only thing they’ll be different is when

you load it up and you know your friends

list and possibly maybe the graphics too

due to the potential hardware

performance differences of the system so

I think that because the stuff using the

mouse and keyboard is a legitimate

device to use and you know I would be

surprised if it doesn’t become you know

somewhat of the norm in the future if

we’re using anna tournaments now it

probably won’t be accepted because a lot

of people are going to be naysayers on

the mouse and keyboard saying that it’s

cheating but really a scuf controller is

cheating if you want to get into it as

far as giving you the advantage over

other players who do not use a scuf

controller and then as far as the mouse

the mouse is just phenomenal like you

can’t get the precision from a analog

stick as well or as easily as you can

with a mouse the mouse I feel is just a

really over exaggerated over hyper

control freak basically because with all

my controllers like because the analog

stick is just so small a little like I

can’t really control the sensitivity

that I need to be able to be competitive

to kind of you know like is basically

get on target as fast as I can with this

stock analog sick now there’s some

people that are able to but I’m not one

of them and I use a control freak like

again this isn’t something that came

with a controller and if you’re using

this you’re giving yourself an advantage

over others because it allows you to

control your aim easier than someone who

does not have a control freak and once

you get used to it going back to just

using a controller is really difficult

so instead of using a control freak the

mouse is basically like the control

freak so thanks to the innovations of

the guys over at scuff and at control

freaks I feel that

now it’s more acceptable to use a mouse

keyboard and that’s what I’m going to

start doing is kind of making the

push-to-start using the zoom when I do

game on consoles mainly because I have

my console set up and then I’ll have my

gaming PC back together pretty soon as

you see in the back there those are some

of my parts I’m waiting for my

motherboard to come back so I could

reassemble it and get back into the PC

gaming but for now I’ll just be sticking

with the Xbox one a Playstation 4 until

I do get that back but so that that’s

kind of like my argument to those who

say that you know using a mouse a

keyboard is not acceptable I think that

it most definitely is things to scuffing

atrophic so I’m going to get off of that

subject because I think I beat I pretty

much beat it down pretty severely so

anyways let’s move along to what this

can do now this isn’t like the best

device you could possibly have I mean

like it is the best one on the market no

one can match the zim I know that

there’s some products out there that

been around for a while and some people

who are trying to get into it like the

cronusmax and this other thing that I

can’t remember what is called I know

that new wake or I think nzi T or

whatever they they did a video on it but

the zip has no input lag and it’s just a

phenomenal device and what they do is

every time a game comes out they edit it

or they remap it to allow you to have

the proper deadzone calibration so it’s

not like this device does the same thing

for all games you basically have to have

the correct profile installed onto it to

play the specific game so you actually

get the correct feel so I mean there’s

they do a lot of hard work over at this

and making sure that it’s calibrated for

each game for each console so that’s

just kind of the dedication it takes as

n does to make sure that the product is

number one and in order to control these

in and as far as your profiles on that

you need to Android device to use it or

you can hook it up to your PC to do with

that but um I purchased a really crappy

cheap Kyocera event for thirty dollars

just to have Android device that’s

capable of doing this it has to be

updated to a certain Android I can’t

remember what the minimums were but it

definitely does have to have Bluetooth

so Bluetooth is a requirement it has to

be up to a certain level of the Android

OS in order to use the AH in order to

use the application

in order to control your Zim for so the

application I’m using is called the Zim

manager and it’s not connected yet

because it needs to be powered on – in

order for it to work and I’ll show you

that I’ll show you guys that in a little

bit and then kind of the basics of this

but I really like this this is a lot

easier than the Zim 3 was when I first

used it was getting used to it and you

have like just a ton of options to kind

of set up profiles and it’s really easy

to use with the device now this device

is kind of the touchscreen doesn’t work

all the time and it kind of is a little

bit cumbersome to make sure you get

things set correctly but if you have a

nice or Android phone then this will

just be absolutely like you won’t even

be bothered by it but if you don’t have

an Android phone if you have an iPhone

like me and you just need something

cheap the Kyocera event is definitely

way to go you don’t need to order a plan

just like get the Virgin Mobile phone

and then just don’t ever set up with

Virgin Mobile just use the phone as just

a basically a small tablet is what I did

so I think that’s about it as far as

going over the specs and what you can do

and just my thoughts on this I think

what we should do now is I’m going to

actually let’s uh let’s just show you

guys how to set it up real quick so it’s

just as you see on the back here there’s

like little ports there’s USB ports here

and then a USB port here that a mini USB

port and then a button this is what you

use to sync it up and do things but what

we’re going to do is this mini USB port

is going to go hook up to the console

this port here is going to be hooked up

to the controller because basically is

going to connect to the controller and

tell the console like hey I’m just a

regular Xbox one PlayStation 4

controller and then that’s how the

controller accepts the inputs from this

and then the these two are going to be

for your mouse and keyboard so I believe

the mouse goes on this side and number

one and then the keyboard will go on

this side so that’s basically how to set

it up and you know when you’re using the

mouse a keyboard is not exactly the same

as using it on PC with a PC you’re

basically like free to set it up to the

DPI of your choice you can like spin it

as fast as you want if you really are

able to control it but with the zim

you’re only able to go as much as the

game on the console allows you to do so

when you place the game on the maximum

settings for sensitivity for looking


you’re only able to go as fast with the

mouse as you are able to turn with the

analog stick so when you’re having on

mashing you’re turning the analog stick

to the left even though it is pretty

fast but that’s the maximum you could

turn so if you try to like move the

mouse faster than you’re able to the

analog stick it won’t register it like

it won’t it won’t exceed the

capabilities of the controller is

another thing I should mention when

talking about the sim 4 so I think

that’s about it I talked about

everything I need to NIST and I’m just

going to go ahead and plug this up

then I’ll show you guys the little

Android device and kind of show you guys

a menu and then we’ll get into a game to

kind of show how it looks and I’ll

change the camera up over here right so

I’ll see you back after the transition

all right welcome back from the

transition I hooked it up and I turned

on my console so now my phone will be

able to hook up with it so I’ll just

show you here I don’t have any fancy

device to capture the screen on the

Android phones is just really cheap but

hopefully this will be good enough so

you see go open and open up your answer

device it will be a program called Zim

manager you’re going to have to download

this from their actual website I’ll see

if I could try to get the link to and

put in the description below and

basically just click that and then

you’ll be presented with the screen to

connect the same you connect you have to

do this prior in the Bluetooth menus to

connect it to it but then once it’s

connected just basically hit connect and

you see it goes up to the screen and

right now it’s set at the default of

Call of Duty ghosts you hit the menu

button and then you hit load once you

already set up the game that you want

and then you hit you know whichever game

you’re playing so now we’re going to be

going into some call duty events warfare

for the Xbox one and already set

everything up so we don’t need to really

go into that but it’s pretty

self-explanatory as far as how you set

things up all right and one thing you

need to make sure you do when you’re

trying to use this yet is you have to go

into the in-game settings and turn the

sensitivity for your aiming all the way

up or else it’s just not going to feel

right so that’s basic set up and now I’m

going to you know after this next

transition we’re going to change the

camera to this and you I’ll just show

you guys a game play and it should be

good so stick around after the

transition all right welcome back from

that last transition as you see we have

some gameplay on the main screen and up

at the top left corner you see my hands

and this is the mouse and keyboard and

we’re going to pick this class for some

hardcore Kill Confirmed and what seemed

like a pretty quick transition to you

guys is actually a whole day last night

I had to cut the video short or at least

my recording time to be able to go pick

up the Leopard dog which is lilikoi

little brother oh there you go and as

you see like I move the mouse left and

right and the character moves left to

right there shouldn’t be any lag if

there is any lag that that’s because I

didn’t sync the video properly but there

is no lag caught in it or is that guy

let’s kill him and the aiming is just

superb okay so let’s go back this way

and you see with this class I’m just

running a gunning and with the mouse I

could like turn on people so fast

basically never have to really worry

about it I feel pretty good about

playing this game with this okay so no

one’s there Oh someone’s there aw damn

it how do you see him just seem through

the glass what we got him back that’s

all right there we go

we’ve taken the advantage over here

goddammit heels waiting for me put this

Russian none of this camping build crap

just keep running nice hope that they

don’t try and come after me

bring the UAV above see take any comms

that way no ok Scott that guy ready for

deployment and let’s get a system hack

going because it’s the most annoying

kill streak ever I love doing it to

people I can only imagine their

frustration growing when I do this ok so

that kinda mini map saw that guy on the

mini-map ah dammit let’s spray spray

wasn’t working I should aim down but I

think Harold’s Russian and left-right

pretty pretty good friendly UAV above

okay I’m sure where these guys are at

see no one’s around there go on around

here I’m not gonna get those guys with

my SMG oh damn it behind me

sumbitch see if I get this guy up here


oh damn it oh wait that was a friendly –

motherfucker friendly on my team

shooting me oh Ken whatever people are

idiots in this game say it’s okay

Majin care package oh I saw that guy’s

soft left I couldn’t turn down him in


yeah if you have your stupid tank thing

I don’t care

nope online friend the UAV above where

are these guys there’s one Oh guys just

sitting in the corner all right let’s go

get him he even come and get the tag

oh no he’s singing it on the other

corner motherfucker

he just outplayed me let’s see there we


stupid corner camping girl nice so as

you see that’s the Zim

with how I play pretty simple and see

how well I was able to do I got the

final killcam so that’s cool for me and

if they alright there you go so 2809

rushing like an idiot with my own

teammates killing me and girls camping

in the corner so that’s the kind of

gameplay that’s pretty easy to do with a

Zim as long as you’re not you know you

don’t have like a big TV you’re able to

play on the gaming monitor then you

actually have quick response times and

you’ll be able to do really well at the

at any first-person shooter really the

precision of this is just fantastic so

that’s my review guys that was the

gameplay just kind of showing you guys

how it works and what it looks like as

far as my inputs and what I’m able to do

on the screen so hopefully you guys

enjoy I’m going to wrap it up now and

hopefully really soon I’ll be able to

not use my laptop anymore and get my

actual gaming computer going so stay

tuned for that and yeah so if you liked

the video thumbs it up if you thought it

sucked thumbs it up or thumbs it down

and I have yourselves go and talk to you

guys in the next video right but bye


*if you are a ps4 player, I wrote an article talking about the alternative ps4 controller.


Difference between xim4 and Xim Apex

Source: Xim Community

As you can see, Xim Apex has more option for the response (latency) modes, 1, 2, 4, or 8ms.

It is using Bluetooth LE means its low energy consumption compared to the Xim 4.

Is Xim Apex better than Xim4?

Xim Apex did a lot some improvement from its previous version Xim4, as you can see the comparison chart above, Xim Apex almost improve every aspect of its functionality and its spec.


Check Xim Apex Price



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